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China plans to send a rover to Mars by 2020
China plans to send a rover to Mars by 2020

China's Mars rover will be larger, tougher and a better climber, experts said Tuesday as the country plans to send a space mission to land a rover on the Red Planet by 2020.

UAE launches project to send unmanned probe to Mars

Oil-rich United Arab Emirates on on Monday launched a project that aims to send the first Arab unmanned probe to Mars by 2021.

NASA prepares Mars spacecraft for close brush with comet
NASA prepares Mars spacecraft for close brush with comet

NASA said on Thursday it secured its Mars probes in preparation for a rare, extremely close pass by a comet from the outer edge of the solar system.

Mangalyaan on course, to reach Mars orbit on September 24: ISRO

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) on Tuesday said that “Mangalyaan”, India`s first inter-planetary mission to Mars was on its course and the orbiter would reach the Martian orbit on September 24 as per schedule.

UAE plans to send first Arab spaceship to Mars by 2021

At a time when space exploration has become a competition between world powers, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) plans to send an unmanned probe to Mars by 2021, which will be the Arab world’s first mission to another planet.

NASA`s Mars probe surpasses 100,000 high-powered laser zaps

The ChemCam laser instrument aboard NASA`s Curiosity rover recently fired its 100,000th shot.

NASA’s MAVEN mission set off for Mars

The US space agency (NASA) has launched its latest orbiter to Mars Monday on the hunt for clues about why the Red Planet lost much of its atmosphere.

Final orbit raising to take MOM to height of 2 lakh kms

The Indian Space Research Agency (ISRO) plans to raise the orbit of the Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) to an apogee height of 2,00,000 kms by November 30.

India`s Mars mission a great achievement: Chinese experts

Likening India`s Mars probe to putting `a golf ball from Tokyo in a hole in Paris`, Chinese experts have termed Manglaayan`s launch as "a great achievement" which if successful could make India the first Asian country to achieve this fete.

India`s Mars mission: China for enduring peace in outer space

As India Tuesday stole the march over China by launching a mission to Mars, Beijing called for "joint efforts" to ensure peace in outer space.

China plans more Mars probes before 2030

China is planning a three-phase Mars space mission to collect samples from the Red Planet by 2030, the chief scientist of the country`s lunar orbiter project said today.

`Russia Mars probe crashes into Pacific Ocean`

Russia believes fragments of its Phobos-Grunt probe which spiralled back to Earth after failing to head on a mission to Mars crashed today into the Pacific Ocean.

Phobos-Grunt Mars probe to hit Earth in January

Russia’s space agency has said that its unsuccessful Mars probe will be falling back on Earth next month.

Russia’s Mars probe may fall to earth in 2012

Fragments of the country’s Mars probe Phobos-Grunt could fall to earth in January or February in 2012, a Russian Defence Ministry space forces spokesman said Thursday.

`Frustration` in Europe over joint Mars probe: NASA

US has failed to commit to plans for an unmanned joint Mars mission with European space agency, causing frustration abroad.

China Mars probe set for November launch

Yinghuo-1, marks China`s first attempt at deep space exploration after sending a probe to the moon.