We will act if Islamic group threatens US: Gen Martin Dempsey

Gen. Martin Dempsey has said that once he determines that the Islamic State militants in Iraq have become a direct threat to the US homeland or Europe, he will recommend the US military move directly against the group in Syria.

US military chief visits Vietnam to boost ties

US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen Martin Dempsey, held talks with Vietnamese officials aimed at boosting military ties between the former foes.

Vladimir Putin igniting dangerous nationalist fervor: US general

Russian President Vladimir Putin`s military intervention in Ukraine is fanning nationalist sentiments that could spread across the region with dangerous, unpredictable consequences, the US military`s top officer said.

US assessing whether Iraq forces can hold: General Dempsey

Gen Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told reporters after a speech that some of the 750 troops in Iraq are specifically there to help determine what the US might do next to help Iraq fight an insurgency.

Freed Bergdahl may face investigation: US general

Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, recently released after five years as a captive of the Taliban, may still be disciplined if the army finds evidence of misconduct, the US military`s top officer said Tuesday.

Martin Dempsey worries about effects of Afghanistan withdrawal talk

America`s top military officer said on Wednesday that the impasse over a security agreement between the US and Afghanistan is encouraging the enemy to take bold actions.

IAF chief discusses modernisation, regional engagement in US

IAF chief Air Chief Marshal NAK Browne met General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of US Joint Chiefs of Staff at Pentagon and discussed regional and armed forces engagement alongwith military modernisation.

Cannot defeat al Qaeda without Pakistani support: US General

The US cannot achieving its goal of defeating al Qaeda without Pakistan`s support, a top American General said.

US faces `10-year issue` in Syria, says top military general

The United States faces `a 10-year issue` in Syria, top US military officer has said.

Iraq bombings target soccer fans, kill 16 in cafes

Iraqi officials say a series of bombings targeting soccer fans has struck cafes in and around Baghdad, killing 16 and wounding dozens.

Loss in Afghanistan could result in regional instability: US

An American loss in Afghanistan could result in instability in the region with re-emergence of extremist groups, a top Pentagon official has told lawmakers.

Dempsey arrives on unannounced visit to Afghanistan

Top US military officer General Martin Dempsey arrived in Afghanistan on an unannounced visit Saturday to assess the level of training the US will need to provide Afghan forces after NATO withdraws in 2014, an official said.

‘US, Pak military talks called off due to anti-Islam film protests’

General Dempsey said he had scheduled a discreet trip to Pakistan to meet Army Chief, General Ashfaq Kayani, but the two agreed to call off the talks amid unrest on the streets of Pakistani cities.

Pakistan braces for anti-Islam film protests

Pakistan Friday braced for anti-Islam film protests as the US military chief, General Martin Dempsey, postponed his planned visit to Pakistan over demonstrations against the movie

Don`t support anti-Muslim film: Gen Dempsey tells Terry Jones

Gen Martin Dempsey called Terry Jones, known for inflammatory anti-Islamic rhetoric, to express concerns about the film.

`Israeli attack on Iran won’t stop nuke programme`

US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Martin Dempsey distanced himself from any Israeli plan to bomb Iran.

Taliban hit US military chief Gen Dempsey`s plane

Taliban militants fired rockets and damaged the special aircraft of the top most US military commander in Afghanistan`s highly secure Bagram air base.

US military chief visits Afghanistan

Gen Martin Dempsey, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, Monday paid an unannounced visit to Afghanistan.

Iran ‘training militia’ to fight Syrian rebels: US

The United States has accused Iran of playing a major role in supporting the Syrian regime.

‘Captured Iranians in Syria not pilgrims but fighters`

US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta that Iranians are trying to "develop a militia to be able to fight on behalf of Syrian regime”.