`Spider-Man 3` gets delayed, to release in 2018

The fans of `The Amazing Spider-Man 3` will have to wait longer as the web-casting superhero`s arrival in theatre has been delayed by almost two years.

Goddess of Thunder? Thor undergoes sex change

He is famed as the God of Thunder, but Thor is to change sex, launching an "all-new era" for the comic book icon, its publishers said Tuesday. 

Avengers won`t make cameo in `Big Hero 6`

`Big Hero 6` director Don Hall says the Avengers will not appear in the upcoming animated superhero film, even though both are Marvel properties.

One Spider-man movie to be made every year until 2017

Sony Pictures has revealed plans to release a Spider-man film starring every single year until at least 2017, including two actual sequels to 2012`s `The Amazing Spider-man`.

Paul Rudd to star in `Ant-Man`

Actor Paul Rudd is in formal negotiations to star as `Ant-Man in the upcoming superhero movie directed by Edgar Wright.

`Iron Man 3` review: A journey of destroying them

'Iron Man 3' begins with a voice-over which states - ‘A famous man once said, we create our own demons. Never mind who the famous man is.’

Joseph Gordon-Levitt to star in `Guardians of the Galaxy`?

Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt is reportedly being considered for a role in `Guardians of the Galaxy`.

Spiderman creator Stan Lee offers Chakra – The Indian superhero!

To cater to the taste and sensibilities of the Indian masses, Stan Lee has offered Chakra – The Invincible.

Marvel Comics creator Stan Lee would love to be Iron Man

Marvel Comics creator Stan Lee has revealed that he would like to be Iron Man if given the chance to play one of his framed superheroes.