Runners wear masks as smog hits Beijing Marathon
Runners wear masks as smog hits Beijing Marathon

Thousands of runners battled thick smog at the Beijing Marathon today, with some athletes donning masks as air pollution soared to 16 times the maximum recommended level.

FIFA says Suarez mask not banned

FIFA has reportedly not banned Suarez mask which was fashioned by numerous fans during Uruguay`s last 16 World Cup clash against Colombia.

World`s oldest masks go on display in Israel

A rare collection of 9,000-year-old masks -- considered among the most ancient human portraits from Stone Age -- is set to be on display at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

NBA: Masked LeBron James leads Miami Heat to win over New York Knicks

LeBron James, unhindered by the mask protecting his broken nose, poured in 31 points on Thursday to lead Miami to a 108-82 NBA rout of the New York Knicks.

Mask that can give you superhuman abilities developed

Researchers claim to have developed two 3-D printed masks that can give wearer superhuman sight and hearing.

Kevin Bacon wore mask to fool fans

Kevin Bacon has revealed that he had a mask made so that his fans would not recognize him, but stopped wearing it because he did not like being ignored.

Brit man in Osama bin Laden mask gets cop rap

Stephen Taylor wore the mask as a joke to get a laugh from some teenagers.

Hot-wax mask wipes years off your face

A hot-wax mask is nowadays the latest rage in skin care.

Bra which doubles as gas mask wins Ig Nobel

A woman`s bra which in an emergency can double as a pair of gas masks has won one of the awards for the year`s most eccentric research.