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Are you a champ in solving Math problems? Try this one

Are you a champ in solving Math problems? Try this one

There are these wonder kids, who love solving difficult Math sums, and then there are others who dread the word Maths itself! However, the wonder kids love to test themselves when it comes to solving the toughest of Math problems.

CBSE XII Boards: How to score 90% in Maths

CBSE XII Boards: How to score 90% in Maths

The Central Board of Secondary Education has released the datesheet for Senior Secondary Examination (Class 12). The exam for Class 12 will commence from March 1 and will end on April 22.

MRI scan can predict math ability of premature babies

Researchers have identified the brain regions associated with working memory and mathematics abilities of children who are born prematurely.

CD to overcome Math phobia launched

CD to overcome Math phobia launched

Andhra Pradesh Education Minister Ganta Srinivasa Rao here launched a CD prepared by a Math teacher to help students overcome Math phobia.

Physical fitness enhances math skills in kids

If you want your kids to shine in Maths, allow them play time as researchers have found that fitness enhances math skills by aiding the development of brain structures that contribute to mathematics achievement.

Maths mandatory for B Com in DU: Parents express reservations

Delhi University's decision to make mathematics mandatory for admission to its B.Com course has been slammed as "untimely" and "unfair" by a section of parents and students who want at least a two-year window before any such implementation.

Ten-yr-old maths whizz is one of UK's youngest university pupil

A 10-year-old home-schooled girl, who is a maths genius, has become one of the youngest students in the UK to enroll in a university.

DU in process of developing Math kits for blind students

 To make solving numerical problems less taxing for visually-impaired students, Delhi University is developing specialised 'mathematical kits' which will make it much easier for them to study the subject.

Govt plans 'GANIT' celebrations to enhance mathematical skills

The government has decided to hold week-long 'GANIT' celebrations in schools, coinciding with Srinivasa Ramanujan's birth anniversary later this month.

Solve maths problems with this app

Solve maths problems with this app

If you are terrified by maths, install an app that will help you quickly and accurately get over calculations.

IS militants ban math, social studies for children

 Thousands of children in swaths of war-torn Syria, now controlled by dreaded Islamic State militants, can no longer study math or social studies under new diktats issued by the jihadists.

Toddlers use maths while playing

Toddlers use maths while playing

It may sound surprising but children as young as two years old intuitively use mathematical concepts such as probability to help make sense of the world around them.

Maths can make Internet up to 10 times faster

Mathematical equations can make Internet communication via computer, mobile phone or satellite up to 10 times faster and more secure than today, according to a new study.

Maths, reading ability ruled by same genes in kids

Don`t know why your kid is scared of maths? Check his reading ability first as nearly half of the genes that influence how well a child can read also play a role in their mathematics ability.

Maths Trivia

Americans called mathematics ‘math’, arguing that ‘mathematics’ functions as a singular noun so ‘math’ should be singular too.

Maths can be made easier with gestures

Children who use their hands to gesture during a math lesson gain a deep understanding of the problems they are taught, research shows.

Hand gestures help kids learn math better

A new study suggests that children who use their hands to gesture during a math lesson gain a deep understanding of the problems they are taught.


Do Math competitions inspire students to gain proficiency in the subject? Patricia Mascarenhas finds the answer.

30% class III kids have problems with multiplication: Survey

Sixty-six per cent of Class III students in the country are able to answer mathematics questions correctly but 30 per cent still have problems handling simple multiplication, a survey released today said.

Maths hits same sweet spot in brain as do music and art: Study

People who appreciate the beauty of mathematics activate the same part of their brain when they look at aesthetically pleasing formula as others do when appreciating art or music.