US sponsors, lawmakers seek swift Blatter action
US sponsors, lawmakers seek swift Blatter action

Just as US authorities said indictments of FIFA leaders were only the beginning of their investigation, US-based FIFA sponsors and lawmakers said Friday that Sepp Blatter`s re-election only starts his work to rebuild trust.

Sponsors pile pressure on Sepp Blatter ahead of FIFA vote
Sponsors pile pressure on Sepp Blatter ahead of FIFA vote

Sponsors piled pressure on FIFA leader Sepp Blatter to clean up world football as two major corruption scandals overshadowed the start of a congress Thursday at which he will seek a new term.

Calls for Sepp Blatter to quit as global anger builds after FIFA scandal
Calls for Sepp Blatter to quit as global anger builds after FIFA scandal

FIFA`s veteran president Sepp Blatter faced angry demands to resign after US indictments and arrests of top lieutenants engulfed the football supremo in crisis heading into an annual congress Thursday.

Key World Cup sponsors concerned with FIFA scandals
Key World Cup sponsors concerned with FIFA scandals

Key World Cup sponsors including McDonald`s, Adidas and Budweiser expressed strong concerns Wednesday after global football body FIFA was enveloped by a new corruption scandal.

US woman jailed after McDonald`s shooting over bacon-less burger

 A Michigan woman was sentenced three to seven years in prison after firing her gun at a McDonald`s drive-through when her hamburger was delivered twice without bacon, local media reported Wednesday.

Venezuelans not ''lovin' it'' as McDonald's fries go scarce

Venezuelan fast-food lovers are mourning the disappearance of McDonald`s golden staple: the french fry.

McDonald`s warns of big hit from China meat scandal

McDonald`s said that a recent scandal over expired meat from a Chinese food supplier has had a "significant negative impact" on sales in China, Japan and some other markets.

China detains five in expired meat scandal: Police

Chinese police on Wednesday detained five people from a unit of US food supplier OSI Group, a statement said, in a case involving expired meat sold to fast food giants including McDonald`s and KFC.

Britney Spears gains over 13 kg

Singer Britney Spears has reportedly put on a lot of weight - nearly 13.5 kg.

Don`t use our logo in protests against Thai junta: McDonald`s

McDonald`s, the multinational fast food chain, has asked protestors in Thailand to stop using its logo in protests against the military coup that completed a week Thursday.

Russia`s Pussy Riot girls burned, bruised in McDonald`s attack

Two members of Pussy Riot were left with chemical burns and head injuries after they were attacked by youths in a branch of McDonald`s, the group said Thursday. 

Adam Levine takes first dates to McDonald`s

Adam Levine has revealed that he likes to take his lady friends to McDonald`s for their first meeting.

Burger King’s Twitter account hacked; turns into McDonald`s

Burger King suffered one of the biggest social media hacks on Monday as their official twitter handle @BurgerKing tweeted “We just got sold to McDonalds! Look for McDonalds in a hood near you (sic)” at about 10.30 pm IST.

Asian-origin Peeping Tom banned from McDonald`s

An Asian-origin Briton has been banned from every McDonald`s in England and Wales after being caught spying on two women in the restaurant`s toilets.

Married couple made to sit apart in Pak McDonald`s

Noman Ansari said the episode was a symptom of an increasingly intolerant nation.

McDonald`s makes inroad in Jammu and Kashmir

American fast-food giant McDonald`s today opened its first outlet here in Jammu and Kashmir, with a senior state official describing the event as a sign of restoration of peace and normalcy in the state.

McDonald`s staff caught selling stale food

Staff were also seen changing expiry dates and, in one case, putting back beef that had fallen on the ground.

McDonald`s close to new Olympic deal, IOC says

Fast food chain McDonald`s and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) are close to agreeing a new, eight-year sponsorship contract and the deal could be sealed this month, the IOC`s marketing chief said.

California mom sues McDonald`s over Happy Meals

Monet claims toys with Happy Meals lure kids into eating unhealthy food.

Is McDonald`s Happy Meal making you obese?

Are the toys in your child`s Happy Meal making him fat?