Can 'maple syrup' reduce antibiotics' use?

It turns out that the sweet treat you pour over your pancakes could make antibiotics more effective against bacteria.

Popular dietary supplement found to provide little health benefits

A new research has found that popular dietary supplement and antioxidant, ubiquinone which is said to protect cells against damage from free radicals is likely ineffective.

Scent of male experimenters stress out mice and rats in labs

In an attempt to find out why some scientists are unable to replicate research findings on rodents, a new study has concluded that it`s all got to do with the gender of the experimenters.

Coming, glass that will bend but not break

Afraid of keeping glass-made decorative pieces at home as your naughty kids won`t spare them for long? Not any more.

Researchers create super-glass 200 times stronger than standard pane

In a breakthrough, engineers have created super-glass, which they claim is 200 times stronger than a standard pane.

Diet may control seizures in epilepsy patients

The old assumption that what you eat manifests itself in your deeds cannot be just elderly wisdom.

Why women get short of breath faster than men while exercising

A new study has revealed that women find it harder to breathe than men during exercise because of greater electrical activation of their breathing muscles.

Eating cranberries could help prevent UTIs

It has been believed that consuming cranberry products has been anecdotally associated with prevention of urinary tract infections (UTIs) for over 100 years.

Study into oceans` past raises concern about its future

A new study has revealed that the ocean the Titanic sailed through just over 100 years ago was very different from the one we swim in today.

Rare galaxy furiously burning gas to form stars found

A galaxy turning gas into stars with almost 100 percent efficiency, a rare phase of galaxy evolution that is the most extreme yet observed, has been discovered.

Brain finds new music rewarding: Study

Listening to new music activates the brain region linked to expectations of reward, according to a new study.

Can’t quit smoking? Blame it on your genes

New research shows that vulnerability to smoking addiction is shaped by our genes.

Genetic associations for early onset of male pattern baldness found

A leading personal genetics company has contributed to the finding of six novel genetic associations for early onset male pattern baldness.