Taiwan, China set to sign two more pacts

Taiwan and China plan to sign agreements on meteorology and earthquake monitoring as ties improve between the former rivals, officials said today.

Treat yourself to a storm? It`s all in the name

Anyone can get a European storm named after them -- if they are ready to pay for the honour.

South-West Monsoon has week over Kerala

South-West Monsoon has been week over Kerala. Rain occurred at a few places in Kerala and isolated places in Lakshadweep.

Final phase of cloud seeding project

Scientists will soon carry out the final phase of a cloud seeding research programme.

2010 - one of the two warmest years on record

Last year, 2010, was one of the two warmest years on record worldwide, says the 2010 State of the Climate report.

``Mini skirt meteorology`` for weather forecast

The length of women``s skirts is a good way of forecasting whether to expect rain or shine, it has been claimed.