Outrage after four US men charged with raping 9-year-old

Four men have been accused in Utah of raping a nine-year-old child while her mother smoked methamphetamine, in a case that has prompted a furious outcry and appeals for calm.

Australian authorities seize drugs shipped from China

Australian authorities on Friday said they had seized large quantities of methamphetamine and ephedrine hidden in bar stools and soup mix packets shipped from China to Sydney.

Thai forces shoot dead seven drug suspects

Thai forces have shot dead seven suspected drug smugglers and seized six bags of heroin after a firefight near the Myanmar border, an official said, in the latest clash over narcotics in the remote region.

Drug to treat alcoholism could cure meth addiction

A drug being used to treat alcoholism may have an additional benefit. It may also be a promising treatment for addiction to methamphetamine, an extremely addictive stimulant.

Hong Kong `drug lord` forced to burn meth stash in Indonesia

Handcuffed and wearing black masks, a Hong Kong man accused of being a drug lord and his gang were on Tuesday forced to publicly burn a USD 136 million stash of crystal methamphetamine after their arrests in Indonesia.

Indian arrested for carrying drugs at Kuala Lumpur airport

An Indian has been arrested at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport for allegedly carrying 5.34 kilogrammes of illegal drugs worth USD 288,155.

Amount of drugs seized in Gujarat doubles in 2013-14

The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) seized more than 100 kg of drugs in Gujarat in 2013-14, almost double the quantity it had seized in the previous year.

UN says Asia`s demand drives global meth seizures

Asia`s robust economy and strong demand for drugs drove global production and trafficking of methamphetamine to record levels last year, with Japan one of the most lucrative markets, the United Nations said today.

Drugs valued at Rs.1 crore seized in Mizoram

Mizoram authorities have seized drugs valued at Rs.1 crore in the state capital and Melbuk village that were smuggled in from Myanmar, an official said Friday.

Drugs seized in Mizoram, smuggler caught

A huge haul of drugs valued at Rs 2.4 crore were seized from a house in the city with a narcotic smuggler being arrested.

Philippine police seize drugs worth USD 30 million

Philippine police arrested four men and seized USD 30 million worth of methamphetamine on Friday in the second large drug bust in Manila in 10 days.

Drugs seized in raids on southern Chinese village

Police in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong have seized nearly three metric tons of the drug crystal methamphetamine.

Natural compound found in grapes could minimize adverse effects of meth

A new study has suggested that resveratrol, a natural compound found in grapes, may also block the effects of the highly addictive drug, methamphetamine.

Nigerian film director gets jail term in Malaysia

Nigerian movie director was on Thursday given a 15-year jail term after Malaysian authorities arrested him with 2.4 kg of methamphetamines in his possession.

Former US cop pleads guilty to drug trafficking

A former police officer who used to head an anti-drug unit in Texas has pleaded guilty to a drug trafficking charge.

Diet soda habit as bad for teeth as meth or cocaine addiction

Too much consumption of diet soda can damage teeth as badly as methamphetamine or crack cocaine, according to a new study.

Two women arrested in Thailand for drug smuggling

Thai authorities on Thursday arrested two women at the Don Mueang Airport here with over 3,000 methamphetamine pills hidden in their private parts.

Meth users likelier to suffer psychosis

Users of methamphetamine, or "ice", are five times likelier to suffer psychotic symptoms while taking the drug, according to a new study.

"Meth babies" show more behavior problems

When expectant moms use methamphetamine, their kids may be at greater risk of behavioral and emotional problems by kindergarten, a new study finds.

Injected drug linked to higher suicide risk

Drug abusers who inject themselves with methamphetamine had higher chance of attempting suicide.