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MJ`s children granted annual income of USD 8 million

King of Pop Michael Jackson`s children have been granted a total annual income of USD 8 million.

MJ`s `moonwalk shoes` expected to fetch $50K in auction

Michael Jackson`s pair of shoes, in which he might have moonwalked, will be on auction at a London auction house.

Conrad Murray cries after victorious AEG lawsuit verdict

Conrad Murray, the doctor convicted in Michael Jackson`s death, has revealed he cried tears of relief after the jury declared that the late singer`s concert promoter was not negligent of hiring him.

Katherine `devastated` after losing Michael Jackson`s death trial

Michael Jackson`s mother, Katherine, was reportedly left devastated after she lost the 1.5 billion-dollar lawsuit which claimed that the promoter of her son`s comeback concerts, AEG Live, was responsible for the pop singer`s death by hiring the doctor whose negligence killed him.

Michael Jackson`s diary reveals his movie stardom dreams

Michael Jackson wanted to achieve movie stardom in a bid to immortalise his fame, according to a secret diary that he kept before his death.

Michael Jackson`s mum `to testify again` in singer`s death trial

One of the concert promoter AEG Live`s lawyers has revealed that they will call back Michael Jackson`s mother, Katherine, to testify as its last witness in their defence of the wrongful-death lawsuit, on Monday.

Prince wants to live with girlfriend?

London: Michael Jackson`s son Prince reportedly wants to leave the mansion to stay with girlfriend.

Katherine Jackson hated kids` face masks

Michael Jackson`s mother Katherine said she hated it when he made his children hide behind masks in public.

Michael Jackson kept concert company at arms length

Dr. Conrad Murray who is being tried for "involuntary manslaughter" of pop singer Michael Jackson, has reportedly revealed that the ` King of Pop` had hired him and the singer kept AEG at complete arms length on issues of medical treatment

Michael Jackson was 500 million dollars in debt when he died

Michael Jackson owed approximately 400-500 million dollars, when he died.

MJ was responsible for his own death, claims pal

One of Michael Jackson`s close friends has claimed that the late singer was responsible for his own death, as he "called the shots" and did not care about his health before he died in 2009.

Paris Jackson shunned celebrating birthdays after Michael`s death

Michael Jackson`s former chef has said that Paris has not celebrated any of her birthdays since her father died in 2009.

Michael Jackson `went from looking sick to great days before death`

AEG Live CEO Randy Phillips has admitted to jurors that he couldn`t explain why Michael Jackson appeared sickly and disoriented six days before his death.

Court urged to reject appeal of Michael Jackson`s manslaughter doctor

A state attorney has urged a court to reject the appeal of Michael Jackson`s doctor.

Michael Jackson`s beating heart was visible to naked eye in days before death

Michael Jackson`s makeup artist has revealed, during his death trial, that the singer looked `emaciated` and acted `paranoid` in days before his death.

Concert producer `had a very strong feeling` that Michael Jackson was dying

An associate producer on Michael Jackson`s `This Is It` concert made a panicked phone call five days before the death of the singer.

MJ driven to early death by concert promoters, says family lawyer

Michael Jackson was driven to an early death because concert promoters were desperate for him to make them money.

Michael Jackson`s health and finances part of civil trial

Millions, and possibly billions, of dollars are at stake in a civil trial over allegations from Michael Jackson`s mother that the company promoting his comeback failed to properly investigate the doctor.

Conrad Murray still blames MJ for star`s overdose death

Dr Conrad Murray, who has been convicted of involuntary manslaughter in Michael Jackson’s death, has said that singer’s drug overdose demise wasn’t his fault.

MJ`s videos to be shown in court to show evidence of addiction problems

As his family continues their 26 billion-pound court case against concert firm AEG, lawyers for the company will show film of Michael Jackson apparently drunk or under the influence of drugs in a bid to prove that he had long-standing addiction problems.