Spain rescues 28 migrants, searches for missing

 Spain`s coastguard said on Friday it had plucked 28 migrants from a ship in the Mediterranean Sea and were looking for other passengers from the vessel who may have gone missing.

David Cameron under pressure as net migration to UK surges

Net migration to Britain rose by more than 40 percent in the year to June, official data released Thursday showed, putting pressure on Prime Minister David Cameron to demand EU migrant curbs.

When Arjun Mathur's sexuality became a talking point
When Arjun Mathur's sexuality became a talking point

Damaging as it may sound, Arjun Mathur started his career with two back-to-back gay parts that quickly became a talking point in the film industry about his sexuality.

France, Tunisia pledge to act against jihadists

France and Tunisia will cooperate in attempts to prevent citizens joining thousands of their nationals fighting alongside jihadist groups in Iraq and Syria, Paris` interior minister said Monday.

Congress condemns migration of its MLAs to TRS

Condemning the "defection" of some of its MLAs to TRS, the main opposition Congress in Telangana on Monday attacked the ruling party.

Puerto Ricans flock to US mainland as island crisis worsens

The island of Puerto Rico is depopulating, as residents stream to the US mainland fleeing the island`s economic crisis and political gridlock in search of jobs.

No special provision for citizenship to Hindus from Pakistan

Hindus who have migrated to India from Pakistan will have to go through the usual process to get Indian citizenship and no special provisions are being made for this, the government said.

Deputy British PM calls for limits on EU migration

Migration to Britain from countries joining the European Union should be restricted, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg urged.

China says to ensure `orderly` rural-urban migration

China will ensure "orderly" migration of some 100 million rural workers into cities by 2020, supported by expanded social welfare and more job opportunities, the government said on Wednesday, as part of plans to push its urbanisation programme.

Obama to meet Central American leaders on child migrants

President Barack Obama will meet three Central American leaders Friday to discuss the surge of children crossing the southern US border without parents or papers, in flight from violence and poverty.

Sri Lanka to continue curbing illegal migration to Australia: Navy Chief

Sri Lanka is determined to curb illegal migration to Australia, Navy Chief Jayantha Perera said.

Monarch butterflies employ `magnetic compass` during migration

Researchers have claimed that monarch butterflies use a light-dependent, inclination magnetic compass to help them orient southward during migration.

25,000 Hindus migrated to India in five years: PML-N leader

About 25,000 Hindus in Pakistan have been forced to migrate to India due to religious violence over the last five years, a PML-N leader from the minority community said today.

Nearly 5,000 Hindus from Pakistan migrating annually to India

Around 5,000 Hindus migrate from Pakistan to India every year, a Pakistan Hindu Council (PHC) official said.

140 migrants storm border fence in Spain`s Melilla

More than a hundred people stormed the fence between Morocco and the Spanish enclave of Melilla on Thursday, officials said, in the latest attempt by migrants to breach the border.

Humans left Africa in two migration waves: Study

In a significant discovery, researchers have found that modern humans may have dispersed in more than one wave of migration out of Africa.

Italian Navy rescues 600 migrants from six boats

The Italian Navy said it had rescued nearly 600 migrants crossing the Mediterranean from Africa over the past 24 hours in an operation launched after two shipwrecks in which hundreds drowned.

Migration wave boosts German population in 2013

Germany`s population rose for a third consecutive year in 2013, boosted by the highest level of net migration in 20 years, the Federal Statistics Office said on Wednesday.

Ramesh hits out at Shiv Sena for `regional chauvinism`

Taking a dig at the Shiv Sena for their "regional chauvinism", Union Minister for Rural Development Jairam Ramesh today said that migration has been the fuel for the growth of cities like Mumbai and Bangalore.

Songbirds `borrowed` DNA to fuel migration

A common songbird may have acquired genes from fellow migrating birds in order to travel greater distances, according to a new study.