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Pakistan may purchase military equipment from Russia

Pakistan might purchase weapons and military equipment from Russia and counts on cooperation with Moscow in the energy sphere, a senior official has said.

US gives Pak USD 5.4 billion worth of military equipment

The US has given military hardware, including F-16 fighter jets, to Pakistan amounting to a whopping USD 5.4 billion since the 9/11 terror attacks, according to a latest Congressional report.

India world's largest importer of weapons, military equipment

India has yet again emerged as the world's largest importer of weapons and military equipment, accounting for 15 per cent of global imports, with Russia being its majority supplier, a Stockholm-based think tank said on Monday.

No outdated military equipments utilised by soldiers: Govt

No outdated military equipments are utilised by soldiers as government has a well established procedure to replace them, Rajya Sabha was informed on Tuesday.

Bill bars US deals with Russian arms dealer

The US Defense Department would be barred from entering into any contract with a Russian state arms dealer under a provision of the $1.1 trillion spending bill.

Russians, French detained in Nigeria over air cargo

The Nigerian authorities have said they had detained a Russian cargo plane carrying military equipment in the north Nigerian city of Kano.

Govt should buy Indian military hardware: Ex-Army chief

 Former Army chief Gen Shankar Roychowdhury today emphasised on the need for developing indigenous technologies for achieving self reliance in the defence sector and urged the government to procure military hardware from Indian sources only.

Moscow denies weapon transfer to Ukrainian insurgents

The Kremlin on Sunday said Russia is not sending any military equipment to militia in eastern Ukraine.

US rules out excess military equipment in Afghanistan to Pak

The US has said it will not transfer any of its USD 7 billion excess defense equipment in Afghanistan to Pakistan or any other neighbouring country after its withdrawal from the war-torn nation.

US not to give excess military equipment in Afghanistan to Pakistan

The US on Monday said Pakistan is unlikely to get any of the USD 7 billion worth of excess military equipment in Afghanistan as American forces prepare for a drawdown from the country.

India not shying away from providing military equipment: Karzai

Afghan President Hamid Karzai said on Saturday that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and he were in full agreement on “all issues”, including the terms he has set for signing a security agreement with the US, and that India was “not shying away” from providing military equipment and training to his country.

`Sell excess equipment in Afghanistan to India`

The excess equipment being scrapped is so valuable, it was referred to as "gold dust" in a June 19, Washington Post article with some estimating its worth to be as high as USD 7 billion.

$7 bn in gear US sent to Afghan will not return

Rushing to wind down its role in Afghanistan, the US military has destroyed over $200 million worth of vehicles and other military equipment used by it in Afghanistan.

‘Saudi sends military equipment to Syria rebels’

Saudi Arabia is delivering military equipment to Syrian rebels in an effort to stop bloodshed by President Bashar al-Assad`s regime, a top Arab
diplomat said.

100 US soldiers confined after missing equipment

Authorities conducted an inventory last month and are
trying to determine how long the equipment has been missing.

Modi offers Gujarat for R&D of military equipment

Gujarat CM Narendra Modi advocated more indigenous research and development for the sake of armed forces and offered the state as a research base.

India conveys concerns to France of military supplies to Pak

India has conveyed its concerns to France over its sale of armament to Pakistan amid apprehensions that such supplies are used for purposes other
than fight against terror.

Philippines to buy military equipment from China

The Philippines said Tuesday it was set
to sign a "substantial" deal to buy military equipment from China, but insisted it should not impact on its close ties with the United States.

US to move military equipment worth $400 mn to Israel

US stores equipment in Israel by virtue of a special clause in foreign aid law.

US senators discuss military equipment for Libya

A delegation of US senators led by John McCain met with Libya`s leader Friday to discuss the possible delivery of non-lethal defence equipment.