Egypt’s Mubarak quizzed over ‘gifts’ worth $1 mn

Mubarak was on Saturday questioned over a long list of gifts worth $1 million that he and his family members and ministers received from a newspaper while in power, an official said.

Mubarak taken to military hospital for CT scan after fall

Mubarak was moved to the hospital yesterday as there was no CT scanning device in Tora jail where 84-year-old Mubarak is serving a life-sentence term.

Yemen`s Saleh in military hospital after attack

Ali Abdullah Saleh is receiving treatment at the defence ministry hospital.

Six dead in suicide blast at Kabul military hospital

The blast took place in a tent used as a dining room by students at the city centre hospital.

Blast at Kabul military hospital kills at least 3

The area that was hit was used to train doctors, a report said.

Egypt: Mubarak headed for military hospital, then to jail

Egypt`s ex-president and his sons were remanded into custody this week.