Maharashtra MPs with criminal past are all millionaires

A majority -31- of the newly-elected 48 Lok Sabha members from Maharashtra have a criminal background and are also multi-millionaires with assets ranging from a minimum of Rs.99 lakh to Rs.66 crore.

Richie Rich candidates in northeast poll fray

Nearly a third of the candidates contesting the Lok Sabha elections from the northeast are multi-millionaires.

UK visas could be auctioned to overseas millionaires: Report

UK visas may be auctioned off to overseas millionaires or "sold" in exchange for donations to hospitals and universities under new government proposals, a media report said on Thursday.

Top of Chinese wealthy`s wish list? To leave China

The US is the most popular destination for Chinese emigrants, with rich Chinese praising it.

72 millionaires die young in China: Report

The Chinese multimillionaires, whose personal assets exceeded CNY 100 million, have died of unnatural causes.

Over 75% winners in Rajya Sabha poll millionaires

Over three-fourths of the winners in the just concluded Rajya Sabha polls are millionaires, while more than one-fourth have criminal cases pending against them, an election watchdog said on Saturday.

Gulf countries high on global rich list

Three of the world`s six nations, with the highest number of millionaires, were in the Gulf region, a new report has revealed.

UK`s austerity cabinet has 18 millionaires

As Britain`s new Conservative-Lib
Dem coalition government prepares to wield the axe on public
spending, a report today said four-fifth members of the
cabinet are millionaires.

China`s millionaires to cross 450,000 mark

The personal wealth of the rich in China has continued to expand despite the global economic downturn, and a new study says their number could cross 450,000 by the year-end.

World wealth down 11 percent, fewer millionaires

The 2008 global recession caused the first worldwide contraction in assets under management in nearly a decade, according to a study that found wealth dropped 11.7 percent to USD 92.4 trillion.