4,000 Indian millionaires shifted overseas in 2015: Report

4,000 Indian millionaires shifted overseas in 2015: Report

According to a report by New World Wealth, some 4,000 uber-rich Indians have changed their domicile in 2015, while France saw the maximum outflow of millionaires with as many as 10,000 super rich leaving the country.

'Mumbai, Delhi among top Asia Pacific cities for millionaires'

'Mumbai, Delhi among top Asia Pacific cities for millionaires'

India's financial hub Mumbai, which is home to 41,200 millionaires, and national capital Delhi, which houses 20,600 high net worth individuals, have been named among the top Asia Pacific cities for HNIs.

Driven by India and China, Asia's millionaires to become world's richest: Report

Driven by India and China, Asia's millionaires to become world's richest: Report

The combined wealth of Asia Pacific's super rich will surpass its 2014 total of $15.8 trillion and overtake that of their North American counterparts -- currently the world's richest group with a shared wealth of $16.2 trillion last year, the study said.

61,000 Indian millionaires shifted overseas in last 14 years: Report

61,000 Indian millionaires shifted overseas in last 14 years: Report

India has seen the second-biggest outflow of high net worth individuals in last 14 years, with as many as 61,000 millionaires shifting base to abroad due to reasons like tax, security and child education, says a report.

British couple wins £1 million lottery prize for second time

A British couple have won £1 million in the EuroMillions lottery for second time in 20 months.

France drops its super tax on millionaires

It was supposed to force millionaires to pay tax rates of up to 75 per cent: "Cuba without the sun," as described by a critic from the banking industry.

Maharashtra MPs with criminal past are all millionaires

A majority -31- of the newly-elected 48 Lok Sabha members from Maharashtra have a criminal background and are also multi-millionaires with assets ranging from a minimum of Rs.99 lakh to Rs.66 crore.

Richie Rich candidates in northeast poll fray

Nearly a third of the candidates contesting the Lok Sabha elections from the northeast are multi-millionaires.

Britain considers visa auctions for millionaires

Visas to settle down in Britain could be auctioned to some of the wealthiest bidders under new proposals being considered by the UK government.

UK visas could be auctioned to overseas millionaires: Report

UK visas may be auctioned off to overseas millionaires or "sold" in exchange for donations to hospitals and universities under new government proposals, a media report said on Thursday.

China produces fewer millionaires as economy slows: Survey

China's millionaires, a symbol of the country's growing wealth, increased at their slowest rate in five years in 2012 as the economy and stock market stumbled, a survey showed.

Qatar has highest density of millionaires: Study

Qatar has the highest density of millionaires in the world, with 14.3 percent of the oil-rich Gulf nation's population holding private wealth of at least USD 1 million, according to a report.

India to have over 4 lakh millionaires by 2015

The millionaire club is set to witness a major boom as their numbers are expected to more than double to 4.03 lakh by 2015 on the back of a robust economic growth and impressive returns from stock and property markets.

Top of Chinese wealthy`s wish list? To leave China

The US is the most popular destination for Chinese emigrants, with rich Chinese praising it.

72 millionaires die young in China: Report

The Chinese multimillionaires, whose personal assets exceeded CNY 100 million, have died of unnatural causes.

Over 75% winners in Rajya Sabha poll millionaires

Over three-fourths of the winners in the just concluded Rajya Sabha polls are millionaires, while more than one-fourth have criminal cases pending against them, an election watchdog said on Saturday.

Gulf countries high on global rich list

Three of the world`s six nations, with the highest number of millionaires, were in the Gulf region, a new report has revealed.

UK`s austerity cabinet has 18 millionaires

As Britain`s new Conservative-Lib
Dem coalition government prepares to wield the axe on public
spending, a report today said four-fifth members of the
cabinet are millionaires.

China`s millionaires to cross 450,000 mark

The personal wealth of the rich in China has continued to expand despite the global economic downturn, and a new study says their number could cross 450,000 by the year-end.

World wealth down 11 percent, fewer millionaires

The 2008 global recession caused the first worldwide contraction in assets under management in nearly a decade, according to a study that found wealth dropped 11.7 percent to USD 92.4 trillion.