Snap! Hajj selfies gain popularity, spark controversy

Raising his arm, Yousef Ali hugs his elderly father in front of one of Islam's holiest sites as they grin for a selfie -- a craze that has hit this year's hajj.

Pilgrims renounce evil, sacrifice animals as Haj nears end

Tens of thousands of Muslims, including Indians, ritually stoned the devil in Mina Valley for the second day on Sunday and sacrificed animals to mark the culmination of the annual Haj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia.

Two million Muslims stone 'devil' at Haj, feast begins

Two million Muslims, including Indians, ritually stoned the devil on Saturday in the last major ritual of this year's Haj in Saudi Arabia, while fellow believers around the world celebrated Eid al-Adha.

Pilgrims head out of Saudi after Haj `success`

Some 1.4 million Muslim pilgrims from 188 countries started to leave Saudi Arabia on Thursday at the end of what authorities hailed as a successful and incident-free Haj.

Haj pilgrims stone the Satan, pray for forgiveness

Haj is one of the five pillars of Islam and every able bodied Muslim who can afford to travel to Mecca is expected to perform the pilgrimage at least once in his or her lifetime.

Hajj pilgrims stone Satan in Mina

The ritual commemorates Prophet Abraham`s stoning of the devil.