DNA: 'Pain & misery' that shrouds Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir is facing one of the worst natural disasters in its history. The state is facing the worst floods in the last 60 years. DNA test of the pain and misery that shrouds the floods hit state.

More deaths, misery from Philippine rains

The heavy rains have brought misery to 1.29 million people across 144 towns.

Daydreaming fills waking hours with misery

Daydreaming fills nearly half our waking hours with misery, say psychologists.

New machine solves high heel misery

Vending machines will sell disposable pumps to solve high heel misery.

Travel misery for millions as Tube strike hits London

A strike by workers on London Underground (Tube) caused severe disruption for many travellers Tues.

Misery for `doomed orphans` of Pakistan floods

Six million children are suffering from Pakistan`s devastating floods.

Braveheart of 1965 now lives in misery

He had saved 88 soldiers
from drowning shortly after the 1965 war with Pakistan and was
later given a gallantry medal and stipend by the government.