Mishti happy to be part of India's second largest film industry

Mishti happy to be part of India's second largest film industry

"Kaanchi: The Unbreakable" fame Mishti Chakraborty, who recently made her Telugu debut in "Chinnadana Nee Kosam", says she's happy to part of the country's second largest film industry after Bollywood.

Mishti of `Kaanchi` fame to star opposite Salman Khan

If you thought that the failure of Subhash Ghai`s `Kaanchi would have disheartened the spirit of the actress `Mishti, then you are certainly wrong.

Amazing how a weekend can change one`s life: Mishti

Mishti, whose debut in ‘Kaanchi’ received a lukewarm response, says she feels she has grown and matured thanks to the one weekend when the Subhash Ghai film hit the screens.

Tweet Review: Kaanchi

Veteran filmmaker Subhash Ghai is making a comeback on silver screen after a long hiatus with `Kaanchi: The Unbreakable. The film stars newcomer Mishti Mukherjee and Kartik Tiwari.

Why is Kartik Tiwari away from `Kaanchi` promotions?

Young actor Kartik Tiwari is being made to keep a low profile in the promotions of his forthcoming film, Subhash Ghai`s ‘Kaanchi’.

Subhash Ghai renames Indrani Chakraborty as `Mishti` for film

Filmmaker Subhash Ghai, who often renames the female leads of his films with `M`, says he choses the alphabet for his actresses because it symbolises mother.

May Kaanchi fly high, says Hrithik Roshan

The trailer of Subhash Ghai’s next- ‘Kaanchi’- starring debutant Mishti and Karthik Aryan, which is slated to release next month, has impressed a number of bigwigs in Bollywood.

Salman Khan wishes luck to Subhash Ghai

The trailer of Subhash Ghai’s latest- ‘Kaanchi’- has impressed one and all including Salman Khan.

Making a film is like living life: Subhash Ghai

Filmmaker Subhash Ghai compares the making of a film to living a life. The film also goes through many highs and lows, like life, he said.

`Kaanchi` calls for new India: Subhash Ghai

Filmmaker Subhash Ghai says his movie `Kaanchi`, said to be an inspiring tale of a girl who dares to fight against corruption, calls for new India with a new thought.

Subhash Ghai`s `Kaanchi` to release April 11

Subhash Ghai has finally locked a release date for his new movie ‘Kaanchi’ - it will hit the screens April 11.

Audience will go for good content, says Subhash Ghai

Subhash Ghai believes that in near future the Indian audience will look for good content in a movie rather than the star cast, barring the Khans.

`Kaanchi`, a girl`s fight against power: Subhash Ghai

Filmmaker Subhash Ghai says his upcoming film `Kaanchi` is an inspirational story of a girl who dares to fight against corruption.

Coming Soon: First look of Subhash Ghai`s `Kaanchi`

Filmmaker Subhash Ghai is eager to show the first glimpse of his upcoming film `Kaanchi`.

Subhash Ghai more comfortable with newcomers

Filmmaker Subhash Ghai says he is at ease when he works with newcomers, as they do not demand any chasing.

Subhash Ghai invites entries for new item girl

Filmmaker Subhash Ghai, who is launching new heroine Mishti in his next film `Kaanchi`, is now also on the lookout for a fresh item girl. He has launched a systematic search for a new face.

Subhash Ghai in no hurry to release `Kaanchi`

Filmmaker Subhash Ghai, who is busy shooting some last scenes of ‘Kaanchi’, is in no hurry to rush the film`s release date - a "mistake" he made with his last film ‘Yuvvraaj’.

Thrilled to do item dance: Rishi Kapoor

Rishi Kapoor, who is performing a dance number in Subhash Ghai`s upcoming film `Kaanchi` is thrilled about getting a chance to shake a leg after almost two decades on a solo song.

FIRST LOOK: Rishi Kapoor in ‘Kaanchi’

After playing the vile Rauf Lala in ‘Agneepath’, Rishi Kapoor has stepped into the shoes of a villain for the second time in showman Subhash Ghai’s ‘Kaanchi’.