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No plans for posthumous album: Mitch Winehouse
No plans for posthumous album: Mitch Winehouse

Amy Winehouse's father Mitch has said that there are no plans to release new music from the late singer.

It's difficult to listen to Amy's songs: Mitch Winehouse
It's difficult to listen to Amy's songs: Mitch Winehouse


London: Amy Winehouse's father, Mitch, says he finds it difficult to listen to his daughter's music because it upsets him.

Amy Winehouse`s father to release new album

Mitch Winehouse, the father of late singer Amy, is set to release another album which will raise money for the charity set up in his daughter`s memory.

Mitch Winehouse feels late daughter`s presence

Mitch Winehouse, who lost his singer-daughter Amy to alcohol poisoning in 2011, says he still feels her presence around him.

Amy Winehouse`s father dismisses hologram world tour rumors as `utter rubbish`

Amy Winehouse`s father has rubbished rumors reports that a hologram of the late singer would be created to tour the world.

Amy Winehouse `tried to take own life at age 10`

Amy Winehouse tried to kill herself when she was just ten years old after her dad Mitch left her mum Janis for another woman less than a year earlier, a new book claims.

Beyonce could donate 100k pounds to Amy Foundation, says Mitch Winehouse

Amy Winehouse`s father Mitch has said that he had no idea that Beyonce was covering his late daughter`s hit `Back To Black` - and suggested that she should donate some cash to the charity, which he set up.

Amy Winehouse`s father lives in her London apartment

Amy Winehouse`s father Mitch Winehouse really misses his daughter, who died due to a drug overdose in her apartment. Mitch has shifted to his daughter`s flat in Camden here just to feel close to her.

Mitch Winehouse pays tribute to late daughter

Late singer Amy Winehouse`s father Mitch paid a tribute to his daughter by wearing a waistcoat, the back of which had her face printed on it.

Mitch Winehouse has Amy`s unreleased collection of music

Late singer Amy Winehouse`s father Mitch says he has a personal collection of unreleased material by his daughter.

Mitch Winehouse wants virtual Amy to appear on stage

Amy Winehouse’s dad Mitch has said that he will be happy if his late daughter appeared as a hologram on stage, just like Tupac.

Did everything I could to save Amy: Mitch Winehouse

Amy Winehouse`s father Mitch says he desperately tried to guide his daughter away from the path of drug and alcohol fuelled self-destruction.

Amy Winehouse didn`t like singing her hit songs

Late singer Amy Winehouse hated to sing some of her hit songs as it reminded her of a broken relationship.

Amy Winehouse’s dad Mitch reveals struggle to cope with loss of daughter

Amy Winehouse’s father Mitch has opened up about coping up with the devastating loss of his superstar daughter last year.

Gaultier’s show infuriates Winehouse’s father

Mitch Winehouse has accused fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier of cashing in on the late singer`s death by using her as the inspiration for his latest catwalk show.

Mitch Winehouse furious over Amy inspired Gaultier’s show

Amy Winehouse’s father Mitch has slammed her catwalk look-alikes at designer Jean Paul Gaultier’s show.

Amy Winehouse’s dad plans annual concerts in her memory

Mitch Winehouse plans to hold star-studded concerts every year in his daughter’s memory to help raise funds.

Amy Winehouse’s sad dad distributes her clothes to mourners

Amy Winehouse’s distraught father gave away his late daughter’s clothes to mourners saying, “it’s what she’d have wanted”.