Watch: New molecular tags that allow MRI to track diseases in real time!

The new class of molecular tags can enhance MRI signals by 10,000-fold and generate detectable signals that last over an hour. 

New molecule to track cancer drug in the body

Scientists have developed luminescent molecule that can light up the path taken by chemotherapy drugs in real time, which could help understand why cancer patients respond differently to the same treatment.

Soon, anti-inflammatory drug from maple syrup

A team of researchers has identified a molecule with anti-inflammatory properties in maple syrup.

Molecule that helps gastric cancer patients survive longer

Researchers have discovered a molecule that can help clinicians predict survival time of people afflicted with gastric cancer, a significant health problem in developing countries which is typically associated with late-stage diagnosis and high mortality.

Electrical control of cancer cell growth found

Researchers have discovered a new electrical mechanism that can control the molecular switches connected to growth of cancer cells.

Molecule that targets HIV in semen to prevent infection

A tweezer shaped molecule that targets the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in semen can help prevent HIV infection and other sexually transmitted viral diseases, new research has found.

Now, a compound that mimics the effects of exercise!

If you are too lazy to hit the gym but want to enjoy all the benefits of exercise, new research may brighten your prospects.

Molecule clue to memory decline: Study

A molecule that accumulates in the blood with age may be linked to cognitive decline, said scientists Monday who mooted hopes of a memory-restoring treatment.

'Decoy' molecule can help sharply reduce flu death risk

Scientists have identified a "decoy" molecule that can help sharply reduce the risk of flu death.

Danish student in sun harvest breakthrough

A student from the University of Copenhagen has researched his way to a breakthrough that may prove pivotal for technologies trying to capture the energy of the sun and saving it for a rainy day.

New insight into how brain makes memories

Researchers have gained fresh insights into the changes at molecular and cellular level in the brain while forming memories.

New, shape-shifting sensor to report internal body conditions

A team of scientists has devised and demonstrated new shape-shifting probe devices that will be able to detect and measure localized conditions on the molecular scale deep within tissues.

Here's how classical music improves brain functions

Here's how classical music improves brain functions

A new study has revealed that listening to classical music modulates genes that are responsible for brain functions.

Scientists working on new way to regenerate damaged heart

In a development that could pave the way for heart tissue regeneration, US and Chinese scientists claim to have successfully used a tiny molecule that fine-tunes gene expression to stimulate the mouse heart to grow new cells.

Chinese biologists discover molecule behind bamboo flowering cycle

A team of Chinese biologists has discovered the molecule responsible for the coordination of the different genes involved in the mass flowering cycles of bamboo, a key food for panda bears, the South China Morning Post reported Friday.

Novel trap to kill bedbugs forever

Biologists from Simon Fraser University in British Columbia have developed the first effective and affordable bait and trap for detecting and monitoring bedbug infestations.

Champagne bubbles can solve world's energy needs

Using Japan's most powerful computer, researchers have explored how the physics of champagne bubbles may help address the world's future energy needs.

Molecule that causes rheumatoid arthritis discovered

Japanese researchers have identified one of the substances that cause rheumatoid arthritis, an unprecedented finding that could eventually lead to a cure for the disease, media reported Friday.

First protein microfibre engineered

Researchers have engineered the first protein microfibre which is capable of delivering a small molecule, whether it be a therapeutic compound or other material.

Atomic map reveals how cholesterol is made

Atomic map reveals how cholesterol is made

By mapping the structure of a key enzyme involved in cholesterol production, researchers have gained new insights into genetic disorders as well as the possibility of new approaches to lowering blood cholesterol when it becomes dangerously high.