Alleged molester of 25 minors arrested in Mumbai

A 32-year-old alleged serial molester, who assaulted at least 25 minors in the city`s western suburbs since April last year, was arrested today from suburban Khar, police said.

Daughters-in-law chop off hands of molester father-in-law

Enraged over repeated attempts by their father-in-law to sexually assault them, two women in a Bihar village chopped off the man`s hands to teach him a lesson.

Cop murdered for opposing daughter’s molesters

A policeman was on Wednesday murdered in full public view after he opposed to some men, allegedly including an Akali Dal activist, who were teasing his daughter.

Dalit woman murders molester

Dalit woman allegedly
murdered a man when he tried to outrage her modesty for the
second time in six months, police said on Saturday.

Musli Power has deal with Churchill Bros not players: Mgmt

Faced with the grim prospect of losing south Asia`s biggest football sponsorship deal over alleged molestation incident, Churchill Brothers management today sought to isolate its team from individual players.