New device can sniff out smuggled money

Criminals beware! The smell of the money you are smuggling may give you in.

App that pays you for exercise

Will you miss your workout if you had to pay for it? If money motivates you more than fitness, an app is here to either reward or punish you.

Actors refuse good roles for money: Ian McKellen

Ian McKellen, best known as Magneto of `X-Men` franchise, says most of the actors do not earn much and turn down good films because of less remuneration.

Sharon Osbourne regrets weight loss surgery

TV host Sharon Osbourne felt like a "cheat" when she had a gastric bypass because she didn`t lose weight in a healthy way.

Australia offers asylum-seekers $10k to return home

Australia is offering asylum-seekers in its Pacific immigration camps up to $10,000 (US$9,400) if they voluntarily return to their home country, a report said Saturday, prompting outrage from refugee campaigners.

Japan minister apologises for Fukushima money gaffe

A Japanese cabinet minister apologised today after appearing to suggest people in nuclear disaster-hit Fukushima could be persuaded to put up with contaminated waste if the government threw cash at them.

Mexican mayoral candidate admits he stole money

Mexican politician Hilario Ramirez acknowledged in the heat of campaigning that when he served as mayor of San Blas he stole just "a little" bit of money.

Sharon Osbourne didn`t like asking Ozzy for money

Sharon Osbourne didn`t like asking Ozzy for money

State goes missing in healthcare in India; 70 percent is private

More than 70 percent of healthcare in India is provided by corporate houses as a result of which poor people are not able to afford the high cost of medical care provided by private hospitals, health experts have said. When money can`t buy happiness, why not exchange?

Don`t you wish you could turn the time back and go into those days where you could just get rid of incessant money woes? History being a truly benevolent teacher shows us that solutions to a lot of our problems can be found in history if we delve deep into it.One such elementary historical practice was the Barter system.

High-earning bosses losing on sex life: Survey

Do you earn a moolah and have all good things in life? You may be losing out on your sex life, a fascinating survey suggests.

Chris Martin splurges huge sum on personal trainer?

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin has reportedly hired a 110 pounds-an-hour personal trainer in a bid to get in shape ahead of his new tour.

Foreign currency worth Rs 40 lakh seized in Bihar

In poll related checking to curb misuse of money and liquor in the Lok Sabha elections, police personnel on Thursday seized foreign currency worth Rs 40 lakh from a SUV at Anjanpir Chowk in Bihar`s Vaishali district.

Money and liquor trail: Rs 240 crore cash, 1.3 crore litre liquor seized

Money and liquor seems seems to lining the electoral trail this election, if the latest figures of the Election Commission are anything to go by.

`Friendly Muslim country` gives Pakistan $1.5 bn

The unexpected surge in the value of Pakistani rupee against the dollar was mainly because of a whopping USD 1.5 billion deposit in Pakistan Development Fund by a "friendly Muslim country".

Money and parenting don`t gel well

Don`t call your investment banker to pick best stocks of the day or make a business call while getting your kids` homework done.

ATM machine stolen along with money in Jaipur

An ATM machine was stolen from its cabin along with the money in it estimated to be Rs 20 lakhs in Sikar district of Rajasthan.

Meet to discuss ways to check use of money in polls

Ahead of the Lok Sabha elections, heads of various tax and security agencies on Thursday discussed ways and means to check the growing use of money power during polls and increase coordination and information sharing between them.

Italian woman told cash had `virus`, scammed of USD 2,000

An elderly woman in Italy has been robbed of her savings after two con-women told the pensioner that her USD 2,000 banknotes were contaminated with a deadly virus.

Dog walker finds 60,000 pounds floating in UK river

In an unusual discovery, a dog walker in UK has found cash worth a whopping 60,000 pounds mysteriously floating down a river.