NGO, Agra authority sign pact to address monkey menace

 A Delhi-based wildlife conservation NGO has signed a pact with Agra Development Authority (ADA) to scientifically address monkey menace in India's most popular tourist destination.

Wild bearded capuchin monkeys are sophisticated nut-crackers

Wild bearded capuchin monkeys show a high level of dexterity when it comes to cracking nuts, scientists, including one of Indian-origin, have found.

Animal Welfare Board of India asks HP govt to stop sterilisation of monkeys

The Animal Welfare Board of India has directed the Himachal Pradesh government to stop its monkey sterilisation programme till a protocol was put in place to ensure humane and ethical treatment to animals.

Saudis says no to Swedish monkeys after diplomatic spat

Saudi Arabia has blocked the transfer of four monkeys to a zoo in Riyadh from Sweden because of its diplomatic spat with Stockholm, the Swedish zoo where they were bred said on Thursday.

Langurs to provide security at railway stations in Agra

Railways has hired monkey catchers at a cumulative package of Rs 9 lakh per year to get rid of monkeys from four major railway stations of Agra division.

Scientists stamp squirrel monkeys as rare species
Scientists stamp squirrel monkeys as rare species

A study has resolved a long-standing dispute concerning a small number of black-headed squirrel monkeys (Saimiri vanzolinii), which are found only in an isolated part of Brazil.

New monkey species found in Amazon rainforests

A new monkey species with unique calico colouring has been spotted in the Amazon rainforest.

Eva Longoria bitten by monkey
Eva Longoria bitten by monkey

Actress Eva Longoria is nursing a sore hand after she was bitten by a monkey while on vacation.

N Korea calls Obama `monkey` as it suffers new Internet outage
N Korea calls Obama `monkey` as it suffers new Internet outage

North Korea called US President Barack Obama a "monkey" Saturday after US cinemas released a comedy about a fictional plot to kill its leader, as it suffered another in a series of crippling Internet outages that it has blamed on Washington.

Watch: Monkey saves another electrocuted by power line

In a heroic act, a monkey saved another's life who lost consciousness after being electrocuted on the rail track at Kanpur station.

Watch: One Monkey saves another after a severe electric shock

Watch how a monkey at Kanpur's railways station saved another monkey who lost consciousness after a severe electric shock.

Rebel Wilson attends film premiere with monkey
Rebel Wilson attends film premiere with monkey

 Actress Rebel Wilson was joined by a suit-clad Crystal the monkey at the premiere of 'Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb'.

Activists oppose deploying langurs to tackle Vrindavan monkeys

An activist here has lodged a complaint with the Ministry of Environment and Forests to book those responsible for hiring langurs to shoo away rhesus monkeys here ahead of President Pranab Mukherjee's visit on November 16.

Monkeys spreading malaria in Malaysia!
Monkeys spreading malaria in Malaysia!

The majority of malaria hospitalisations in Malaysia are now caused by a dangerous and potentially deadly monkey-borne parasite once rarely seen in humans, according to a research by a Malaysia-based Indian scholar.

Brazil club Gremio banned over racist chants
Brazil club Gremio banned over racist chants

Top-flight Gremio were thrown out of Brazil`s main cup competition Wednesday in an unprecedented punishment for a club in the football-mad country after a visiting goalkeeper was subjected to sustained racial abuse.

Efforts on to check dog, monkey menace in Parliament

Union Minister for Urban Development M. Venkaiah Naidu Thursday said that efforts are being made to tackle the monkey and dog menace inside and around Parliament House.

Study reveals monkeys believe in winning and losing streaks

A new study has revealed that monkeys also share humans` unfounded belief in winning and losing streaks.

Hema Malini`s priorities: Ending monkey menace in Vrindavan, cleaning Yamuna

BJP MP from Mathura Hema Malini on Sunday said her priorities would be to bring an end to the monkey menace in Vrindaban, clean the Yamuna river and to tap the region`s tourism potential.

Iran says it sends second monkey into space, brings it back safely

Iran said on Saturday it had sent a second live monkey into space and brought it back safely, the latest demonstration of the country`s missile capabilities.

Outrage in France over new slur on black minister

A weekly newspaper with a front page comparing a black government minister to a monkey hit newsstands in France, despite legal objections and a nationwide outcry over the racist slur.