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Chinese unmanned lunar orbiter returns home

China succeeded Saturday in the world's first mission to the Moon and back, becoming the third nation to do so after the former Soviet Union and the US.

Israel a step closer to the moon, with propulsion deal

Seems that Israel’s moonshot project is a lot closer to reality. The SpaceIL organization, which is developing the Israeli spacecraft that will journey to the moon in 2015, has acquired the engine for the rocket that will propel Israel’s lunar lander into space.

NASA`s laser Moon mission to boost space communication

NASA has completed its 30-day lunar laser mission which confirmed that the possibility of expanding broadband capabilities in space using laser communications is as bright as expected.

China eyes collection of lunar samples in 2017

China aims to launch its next unmanned lunar probe in 2017, with the key aim of collecting and bringing back lunar samples, an official said on Monday, after the country`s first probe landed successfully on the moon over the weekend.

China hails its lunar probe mission as complete success

A day after the country finished its first lunar soft landing, both the lander and moon rover were functioning well, said Pei Zhaoyu, spokesperson for China`s lunar probe programme.

`Exotic minerals` behind China`s obsession with Moon mission

Why is China so fixated on the moon? Well this obsession with the Moon is seemingly because of the moon being a `beautiful` source of minerals and energy, as said by a top Chinese scientist.

Preparations on for launch of Mars Orbiter Mission

Preparations are afoot in Sriharikota for the launch of Mars Orbiter Mission Mangalyaan on PSLV C25, ISRO Chairman K Radhakrishnan said.

China to launch 3rd lunar mission this year

China has begun the countdown for its third lunar mission later this year, during which it plans to land an orbiter on the moon`s surface.

NASA to launch Moon mission next month

NASA is making final preparations to launch a small car-sized robotic Moon probe next month in an attempt to answer prevailing questions about the lunar atmosphere.

India to go alone in second moon mission

India will go on its own in its second moon mission without any Russian tie-up, the parliament was told Wednesday.

Apollo 10 Moon mission astronauts had poop problem

Poop in space! Astronauts onboard NASA`s Apollo 10 Moon mission had to face toilet-related issues, with human waste floating in the cockpit in one incident, it has emerged.

Russia to launch moon mission in 2015

Russia will launch a robotic lunar station in 2015, a top official said Tuesday.

`India`s next moon mission depends on Russia`

India`s second moon mission will depend on Russia`s decision after a failed inter-planetary mission with China, ISRO chairman said Sunday.

NASA releases rare photos of Apollo landing sites

NASA`s LRO has snapped the sharpest photos ever of tracks & trash left behind by Apollo astronauts.

NASA to launch moon mission in September

The nine-month mission will explore Earth`s nearest neighbour in unprecedented detail.

ISRO announces new moon mission with JPL

ISRO announced that it was planning another moon mission with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of US.

Data from Chandrayaan moon mission to go public

Chandrayaan was the 1st mooncraft to have confirmed presence of water on moon.

US planning `ambitious` space programme

White House has said the Obama Administration is coming out with a more ambitious and sustainable space programme.

Obama axes NASA moon plan in new budget

President Barack Obama wants to end NASA`s moon program, turn over space transportation to commercial companies and jump-start technologies needed for future human exploration of Mars and other destinations.

More indigenous components in second moon mission: ISRO

Mylswamy Annadurai, Project Director of Chandrayan Mission II, ISRO, on Monday said that there would be more indigenous components in country’s second moon mission.