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Painkillers without deadly side effects developed

Researchers, including Aashish Manglik from Stanford University, custom-engineered the drug from scratch, using computational techniques to explore more than four trillion different chemical interactions.

Meditation `better pain reliever` than morphine

A new study suggests that just a few minutes of meditation each day could prove better pain relief than powerful drug medication.

Why Kerala is the best place to die in India!

Kerala is offering itself as the best place to die. The state boasts of being far ahead in palliative care in India. Its approach has been fine-tuned over the years by policymakers, health experts and civil society activists.

Scientists crack gene secret that lets poppies make morphine

Scientists have identified a key gene used by poppies to make morphine, paving the way for better methods of producing the medically important drug, potentially without the need for cultivating poppy fields.

Pak's anti-narcotics force seizes drugs worth 2.6 bln rupees

Pak's anti-narcotics force seizes drugs worth 2.6 bln rupees

 Pakistan's Anti-Narcotics Force today seized 11 tonnes of drugs worth 2.6 billion rupees in the southwestern Balochistan province and the southern port city of Karachi, in the biggest haul in the force's history.

Discovery opens door for homemade morphine, painkillers

Scientists have figured out all the steps to make morphine and similar painkillers without using opium poppies, opening the door for home-brewed drugs and potential abuse.

World's first paper-based drug test developed

 Finnish researchers have developed the world's first paper-based drug test that enables a rapid analysis of whether a compound, such as morphine, is present in a given sample.

Morphine after childhood surgery may be life threatening

Treating post-operative pain with morphine can cause life threatening respiratory problems in some children who have had their tonsils removed, new research has found.

Scientists find protein in coffee with effect like morphine

Researchers at the University of Brasilia (UnB) and Brazil's state-owned agriculture and livestock research company Embrapa have discovered a protein in coffee with effects similar to morphine.

One arrested with half kilo morphine in UP

A man has been arrested from Jaitpur area for possessing half a kilogram contraband worth Rs 50 lakh in international market, police said on Wednesday.

Opioid painkillers carry high risk of addiction, even death

  A new research has revealed that opioid painkillers carry higher risk of death, overdose, addiction or serious side effects than benefits in chronic, non-cancer conditions like headache, fibromyalgia and chronic low back pain.

Queen`s Gold Cup winner horse fails drug test

A horse owned by Britain`s Queen Elizabeth II which won one of England`s most prestigious races has failed a drugs test, Buckingham Palace announced Tuesday.

Snail venom could be answer to chronic nerve pain relief

Scientists have created at least five new experimental substances, based on a tiny protein found in cone snail venom, that could someday lead to the development of safe and effective oral medications for treatment of chronic nerve pain.

Nod to bill: Cancer patients to have easier access to morphine

Cancer patients will have easier access to pain-killer morphine drugs with Parliament on Friday passing a bill that also provides for control and regulation of narcotic drugs.

Opioid over-regulation can leave cancer patients in intolerable pain

A "pandemic of over-regulation" of opioid-based painkillers such as morphine and fentanyl means billions of cancer patients around the world suffer intolerable pain, researchers said on Thursday.

Codeine can increase users` sensitivity to pain

Using large and frequent doses of the common pain-killer codeine may actually produce heightened sensitivity to pain, without the same level of relief offered by morphine, according to a new research.

Why morphine increases pain in some patients

Researchers are closer to finding out the reason why certain adults and children’s pain gets worse when they treated with morphine.

Snake venom better pain-killer than morphine

Venom from black mamba, which can kill a person within half an hour, could actually be a painkiller at par with morphine, researchers say.

Discovery could boost morphine`s effectiveness

A discovery could boost morphine`s effectiveness to treat severe pain.

Drug peddlers arrested in Uttar Pradesh

Three drug peddlers who operated in various states were arrested with smack, a highly addictive morphine derivative, worth around Rs 1 crore in Uttar Pradesh`s Bareilly district, police said on Thursday.