OMG! Singer Morrissey 'admires' suicide

Singer Morrissey believes suicide is "admirable".

Morrissey cancels Iceland show for non-vegetarian venue

Morrissey cancels Iceland show for non-vegetarian venue

Rocker Morrissey has cancelled a gig in Iceland due to his vegetarian policy.

Morrissey announces UK tour for Spring 2015

Morrissey announces UK tour for Spring 2015

Rocker Morrissey has announced a UK tour for March 2015.

Morrissey `hasn`t been dropped by Harvest Records`

Morrissey is reportedly still under contract with Harvest Records, despite rumours that the British singer had parted ways with the label.

Cliff Richard wants to work with One Direction

Cliff Richard has revealed that he wants to work with One Direction band.

Pamela Anderson stars in Morrissey`s new album promotion video

Pamela Anderson has starred in Morrissey `s new promotional video to promote his new album.

`Humasexual` Morrissey says he`s attracted to humans

Morrissey has tried to clear out the air about his sexuality by saying that his love isn`t limited by gender, and called himself a `humasexual`.

Russell Brand loves lazing with pet cat

Actor-comedian Russell Brand says he isn`t always with women. In fact, he loves to lounge around with his pet cat named Morrissey.

Doctors told me I was dying, says Morrissey

Veteran singer Morrissey reveals that doctors had told him he was "dying" after he vomited blood during his terrifying health battle earlier this year.

Morrissey accuses music bosses of ageism

Singer Morrissey has accused record company bosses of shunning older artists in favour of young people.

Morrissey may retire from music

Morrissey, who is currently battling a catalogue of ailments including pneumonia , a bleeding ulcer and a throat condition has hinted that he is retiring from music following weeks of illness.

Beyonce slammed by Morrissey for animal-skin handbags

R&B star Beyonce has been slammed by singer Morrissey for the use of animal skins in her chosen high-end fashion accessories.

NME apologises to Morrissey over controversial article

The magazine ‘NME’ has publicly apologised to Morrissey over an article that was published in 2007.

Morrissey brands President Obama `useless`

Morrissey has slammed U.S. President Barack Obama, branding him "useless" and "simply a set of teeth".

Morrissey`s drummer quits after `weird` tour

Rocker Morrissey`s drummer Matt Walker has quit after six years, telling fans it was "weird" touring the world.

Morrissey unapologetic over Norway massacre comment

Morrissey is refusing to pull down his controversial comment where he compared the massacre in Norway to the daily slaughter of animals for fast food outlets.

Singer Morrissey attacked by dog

Morrissey has fractured his index finger`s tip after being attacked by a dog.

Morrissey supports Gaga`s meat dress

Morrissey has backed Lagy Gaga`s meat dress stunt, insisting it is fine to wear it as a "social and political statement".

Morrissey accused of ‘crude racism’ after Chinese ‘subspecies’ comment

Morrissey has been criticized for calling Chinese people as a `subspecies`.

Morrissey blasts Queen’s Guards’ fur hat

Morrissey has blasted the Queen’s Guard soldiers for wearing bearskin hats.