Text of the cleanliness pledge

The following is the pledge Prime Minister Narendra Modi read out to mark the start of Clean India campaign on Thursday:

'Mamta' to 'Mary Kom': The changing face of women in India

Bollywood's woman – an entity of glamour, beauty, ideals, values and much more. The woman in Bollywood has changed over the century of filmmaking this country has seen.

Reunion Island Indians connect with `Mother India`

French is their mother tongue and they have been born and lived for four generations far away from India, but a thirst to know more about the land where their forefathers came from draws them to India regularly.

No one should dare to remake `Mother India`, says Vidya Balan

Remaking Mehboob Khan`s Oscar-nominated ‘Mother India’ is an unachievable feat, says Vidya Balan and if someone dared attempt this, she wouldn`t be a part of this.

Sunil Dutt was first angry young man: Amitabh Bachchan

Megastar Amitabh Bachchan believes the first actor to hold the title is not him but Sunil Dutt who portrayed an angry Birju in the 1957-epic ‘Mother India’.

Political cartoonist arrested on sedition charges

Kanpur based cartoonist Aseem Trivedi, arrested for allegedly posting seditious content on his website, was remanded to police custody.