Bed-sharing bad for your baby

Mothers of infants who continue to share the bed with their babies may please take note that while co-sleeping is good, bed-sharing may expose the babies to infections and other health risks, says a study.

Aamir Khan all praise for Sharman Joshi
Aamir Khan all praise for Sharman Joshi

Perfectionist Aamir Khan was all praises for Sharman Joshi for a short film he had made on mothers and posted a few days ago. 

Want to deliver a healthy baby? Go to green places

If you are planning a baby, better head to a neighbourhood with plenty of greenery.

Stressed mothers may affect behaviour of the unborn

Stress during pregnancy can affect the baby in your womb in many ways as researchers have found that foetuses are more likely to show left-handed movements in the womb when their mothers are stressed.

Canada pledges Can$3.5 bn for maternal, child health

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper pledged Can$3.5 billion Thursday for immunization, better nutrition and the introduction of birth certificates in developing nations to improve the health of mothers and children.

This is no child`s play, say first time mothers

5 young mums share their highs and lows of motherhood.

Mothers` Day Special: Top health care tips for moms!

Here are a few health care tips that mothers can follow to keep themselves fit and healthy.

New moms should lose `baby weight` within a year

Mothers who fail to lose `baby weight` within a year of giving birth are at an increased risk of developing diabetes or heart disease, a new study led by an Indian-origin scientist has warned.

Mothers! Take a break from fish for healthier babies

Potential mothers need to fast from fish for many years to avoid passing on certain harmful chemicals to their offsprings, an alarming study indicates.

How mothers help children differentiate between right and wrong

Researchers have said that many mothers talk to their children in ways that helps them understand moral missteps.

Mommy rebooted!

Motherhood is not a dead end but a turning point to pursue your passions and skills. Prachi Rege speaks to moms who have reinvented their career path.

Mothers in rural India with better peer network save kids from malnutrition

A new study from University of Illinois study found that mothers in rural India who participated in a program designed to educate and empower women, gained a network of peers that led to increased bargaining strength in the home, and significantly improved their children`s consumption of rice and dairy.

Teen elephant mothers die young but raise bigger families

Researchers have found that Asian elephants that give birth as teenagers die younger than older mothers but raise bigger families during their lifetime.

87% expecting mothers wary of post-pregnancy looks: Survey

Eighty-seven percent of expecting mothers in India agree that they worry about their physical appearance during and post pregnancy, according to a Nielson Group survey released Wednesday.

Internet can help mums prevent kids` obesity

Researchers have shown how Web-based, at-home interventions can help mothers address behaviors known to protect against childhood obesity.

Moms depend on daughters for fashion tips

When it comes to fashion mothers depend on their daughters, reveals a study.

Mothers and kids now `befriending` each other on Facebook

In order to stay connected and bond better, one in three mothers is being `friends` with their children on Facebook.

Mothers to blame for child obesity: Experts

A mother`s diet during pregnancy and what she feeds her baby for the first three years of its life play a large role in whether the child will grow up to be obese, experts say

Mothers in UK and US selling their breast milk on Facebook!

Mothers in the UK and US are selling their breast milk using community forums, including Facebook, to make some quick cash, despite serious concerns that it could be harmful for babies.

Pregnancy-related stress harms mom`s brain

Chronic stress during pregnancy negates benefits that the brain bestows on mothers and may explain why depression hits women after childbirth.