New mothers under too much of pressure: Kimberly Wyatt

 American singer Kimberly Wyatt feels women are under too much pressure to lose weight after giving birth.

Malnutrition in early pregnancy leaves lasting impact on kids

Adverse effects of mother`s malnutrition during the first 10 weeks of pregnancy can be seen in their children even at age 59, says a new study.

Infants find their voice in company of other babies
Infants find their voice in company of other babies

All new mothers, please take note! Ensure that you put your six-month-old baby in the company of other babies and not adults. This is to prepare them to "find their own voice" sooner.

Moms rely on older children to rear younger ones today

Mothers in the past had one dependent offspring at a time and received no help from others while moms today often have multiple kids who help rear other children, scientists say.

Bollywood celebrates Mother's Day with love
Bollywood celebrates Mother's Day with love

Motherhood is one of the most celebrated thing for a woman and the best that can happen to her. 

`Happy Mother's Day`: Google pays tribute to all mothers with a doodle
`Happy Mother's Day`: Google pays tribute to all mothers with a doodle

 Google celebrated Mother's Day by showing tribute to mothers all around the world with a nice doodle.

Mother's Day Special: Five common challenges new moms face!

While the sweet phase of motherhood has no boundaries, being a mom is hard and is even harder for first time mothers.

Mom's ringing cellphone may startle foetus: Study

Moms-to-be, take note! The sounds and vibrations emitted by cellphones carried by pregnant women may rattle the sleep-and-wake cycles of their foetuses, a new study has found.

Ranveer Singh to rap for mothers on TV show 'Thank-you Maa'
Ranveer Singh to rap for mothers on TV show 'Thank-you Maa'

Actor Ranveer Singh will do a rap for mothers on a new TV show "Thank-you Maa", which will go on air during Mother's Day next month.

Breast pump: The working, nursing moms' lifesaver

Dr Preeti Gangan (MBBS, DCH, IBCLC), Cheers Child Care, Mumbai, tells us how mothers can breastfeed their babies using a breast pump while being away from home.

Bullied girls benefit more from mother's affection than boys

A new research found that girls who get bullied by their friends can be prevented from negative behavioral outcomes with the help of their mothers' affection, as compared to boys.

Special: Heart-wrenching stories of women left alone in old age homes

Watch the heart-wrenching stories of women left alone by their children in old age homes, for the rest of their lives.

Mammals are more like their fathers genetically

You may resemble or act more like your mother, but first-of-its-kind research reveals that mammals are genetically more like their fathers.

Kajol's day out with mothers
Kajol's day out with mothers

 Actress Kajol Monday felicitated seven winners of the 'Huggies Priceless Moments Mobile' campaign at an awards ceremony here.

Mothers actually speak less clearly to their babies

Contrary to the common perception that elders need to talk to babies in simpler words, new research suggests they may actually speak less clearly to their infants than they do to adults.

DNA: ISIS guidebook for young mothers to raise 'jihadi babies'

A guidebook for young mothers with “helpful tips” on how to raise a 'jihadi babies' has been released by the Islamic State.

Two-year-old in US accidentally shoots, kills mother

 A two-year-old boy on Tuesday accidentally shot and killed his mother in a Walmart store after taking a gun from her purse, police said.

Google Glass to help mothers monitor newborns

A US hospital is set to use Google Glass to enable mothers stay in contact with their newborns even after the infants are shifted to the intensive care unit (ICU).

Australian house, where eight children were killed, to be demolished

The house where an Australian mother allegedly killed eight children, most of them her own, will likely be demolished in keeping with indigenous culture to make way for a memorial, a government official said on Monday.

Alleged Australia child killer `coping as best she can`

 An Australian mother charged with killing eight children will have her case heard in January, a court said Monday, as she struggles to come to terms with what happened.