Sachin Tendulkar meets Tashi, Nungshi Malik - first Indian twins to scale Mt Everest

Indian batting legend Sachin Tendulkar on Wednesday met Tashi Malik and Nungshi Malik, two 23-year-old twin Indian sisters who have scaled summits of six of the highest mountains across six continents.

Global warming may lead to rise in malaria cases into higher elevations: Scientists

Scientists predict that increase in global warming would mean spread of the deadly disease malaria to higher elevations.

IOC, luge federation pay tribute to Kumaritashvili

The IOC and luge federation will hold a ceremony in the mountains above Vancouver on Wednesday to remember Georgian athlete Nodar Kumaritashvili, who suffered a fatal crash in training hours ahead of the 2010 Games opening ceremony.

Cheryl wants mountain medidation

A relaxed, six-month long break on a mountain is all that British singer Cheryl Cole wants.

Cheryl wants to meditate on mountains

A relaxed, six-month long break on a mountain is all Cheryl wants.

Glaciers help actively growing mountains become higher

A University of Arizona-led research team has found that glaciers can help actively growing mountains become higher by protecting them from erosion.

Why some mountains form, crumble?

Scientists have been puzzled by mountain formation at subduction zones.

Dozens killed in bus accident in Afghan mountains

A bus plunged off a mountain road in
Afghanistan`s Hindu Kush mountains on Wednesday, catching fire and
leaving as many as 35 people dead, though authorities were
still pulling burned bodies from the wreckage.

Climate cuts mountains down to size: Study

Climate, and not the upward thrust of Earth`s clashing tectonic plates, is the main factor limiting the height of mountains across the globe, according to a study published Thursday.