Videos show Libyan officials threatening jailed Gaddafi son

New videos show Libyan security officials threatening Muammar Gaddafi`s son Saadi in an effort to force him to talk, two weeks after footage emerged showing guards beating him in the same Tripoli jail.

Talks on for securing release of 2 Indian teachers in Libya

India is cautiously optimistic about securing release of two Indian teachers, abducted by Islamic State terror group (ISIS) in war-torn Libya eight days ago.

Video showing abuse of Gaddafi's son must be probed: HRW

 Human Rights Watch called Tuesday on Libyan authorities to immediately investigate the alleged ill-treatment of detainees including a son of slain dictator Muammar Gaddafi at a prison in Tripoli.

Libya warns against diseases in Benghazi as meat rots in closed port

Libyan authorities warned on Monday that diseases might break out in the eastern city of Benghazi due to imported meat left rotting for months in containers at the city`s closed commercial port.


Indians release: Govt waiting for Libya situation to calm down

Two Indian teachers, abducted by Islamic State terror group (ISIS) in Libya, remained in the captivity for the sixth day on Monday even as the government was waiting for the situation to "calm down" in the war-torn country to ensure their safe release.

Amnesty slams ''flawed'' trial of Gaddafi officials

 Amnesty International on Tuesday deplored the "appalling" death sentences handed by a Libyan court to nine officials from the dictatorship of late strongman Muammar Gaddafi, including one of his sons, his intelligence chief and last prime minister.

Libya court hands death sentence to Gaddafi's son over war crimes
Libya court hands death sentence to Gaddafi's son over war crimes

Almost four years after he was arrested, Muammar Gaddafi`s son Saif al-Islam was on Tuesday handed death sentence over war crimes related to 2011 revolution.

Dozens killed in tribal clashes in biggest city in southern Libya

Dozens have been killed in clashes between two tribes in the biggest city in southern Libya, officials said on Tuesday as a security vacuum grew in a remote corner of the oil producer.

Libyan commander killed as offensive against Islamists stalls

Islamic State militants said they killed a Libyan army commander in the eastern city of Benghazi on Wednesday, as a pro-government offensive against the Islamists appeared to stall.

Hillary ally praised her Libya ''success'' year before Benghazi attacks: Emails
Hillary ally praised her Libya ''success'' year before Benghazi attacks: Emails

 An unofficial adviser to Hillary Clinton when she was US Secretary of State told her during the 2011 rebellion that ousted Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi that history had "vindicated" her and the "successful strategy" of the United States, emails released on Monday showed.

Italy's Renzi warns EU on refugees as neighbours block border crossings
Italy's Renzi warns EU on refugees as neighbours block border crossings

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi called for a change to European asylum rules on Sunday as neighbouring states tightened border controls, turning back African migrants and leaving hundreds stranded at the frontier in northern Italy.

Islamic State says blows up two warplanes at Libya base: Video

The militant group Islamic State`s Libya wing released a video on Thursday purportedly showing it blowing up two warplanes at an air base while its fighters paraded heavy weapons in a show of force.

Only new refugees to benefit from EU quotas in migrant crisis: Draft

 The European Union will consider new refugees reaching Italy and Greece in its migrant quotas, not those already in camps, according to a proposal seen by Reuters to be presented on Wednesday, a concession to EU governments against the plan.

Libyan tribes meet in Cairo as Egypt seeks allies against militants

Hundreds of Libyan tribal leaders met in Cairo on Monday with Egyptian authorities hoping to enlist their help in preventing Islamist violence from spilling over their shared border.

Gaddafi's son Saadi appears in Libyan court on murder charges

Muammar Gaddafi`s son Saadi who fled abroad during Libya`s 2011 revolution and was extradited from Niger last year appeared in a Tripoli court on Sunday at the start of a trial on murder charges but the judge adjourned his case until July.

Rocket attack kills three at Benghazi medical centre in Libya

  A rocket hit a medical centre in Libya`s eastern Benghazi on Friday, killing three people, medics said.

Libya's Benghazi, cradle of anti-Gaddafi revolt, torn by chaos that followed

When Libyan government forces and Islamist militants battled with artillery guns right in his district, Khalil al-Barassi knew it was time to pack up. He moved his family into an abandoned schoolhouse, where they live on aid from the Red Crescent, while the city around them falls to pieces.

Libya conflict displaces half a million people: Red Crescent

 The fighting that is ravaging Libya has displaced more than a half a million people since last May, the Red Crescent said on Thursday.

Islamic State militants kill five pro-Tripoli government fighters: Report

Militants loyal to Islamic State killed five members of a force loyal to the government that controls Tripoli and wounded two others in the coastal city of Sirte, a Tripoli-based news agency said on Wednesday, citing a military spokesman.

Libya's recognised government launches air strike on camp in Tripoli

Libya`s internationally recognised government conducted air strikes on a military camp on Saturday and attempted to hit the airport in Tripoli, the capital controlled by a rival administration, officials said.