Muslim Brotherhood leaders, Mubarak face trial in Egypt

Three leaders of Egypt`s Muslim Brotherhood and the movement`s former arch-foe Hosni Mubarak faced separate trials on Sunday on similar charges of involvement in the killing of protesters.

Mubarak pays back $3mn for gifts received from state newspaper

Ousted President Hosni Mubarak and his family have paid back 18 million Egyptian pounds, or three million dollars, for gifts they had received from a state newspaper while he was in office.

Egypt allows 13 presidential candidates to run

The list includes Ahmed Shafiq, the last PM to serve under Hosni Mubarak, who was disqualified and then reinstated.

Mubarak trial encapsulates divisions in Egypt

When Mubarak`s trial began five months ago, many hoped it would bring not only punishment but a clear sense of victory.

Mubarak seeks divine help, carries Quran in court

If convicted, the former strongman could face the
death penalty.

Gaddafi criticises revolutions, hails Mubarak

Gaddafi has stayed in power despite four months of NATO-led air strikes.

25 Mubarak-era officials charged with manslaughter

An Egyptian prosecutor has charged 25 figures of the Mubarak regime with manslaughter.

Egypt must `scrap` Mubarak-era laws: Amnesty

Egypt must "scrap" the most
reviled laws of former president Hosni Mubarak`s era if it
wants to ensure free and fair parliamentary elections in
September, the secretary general of Amnesty International said.

French court opens probe into Mubarak, Ben Ali

A French judicial official says the
Paris prosecutor`s office has opened two judicial inquiries
into money laundering allegations against the ousted
presidents of Egypt and Tunisia.

Egypt`s Mubarak unfit for prison move: prosecutor

Egypt`s public prosecutor said he was not in a condition to be transferred to a prison hospital.

Mubarak fined for internet, phones shutdown during revolt

The ousted Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has been fined USD 34 million for "damaging the
economy" by enforcing a shutdown of telephone and Internet
connections during the country`s popular uprising.

Mubarak, wife interrogated over corruption

This would be the first time Mubarak`s wife, Suzanne, faced interrogation.

Dissolving Mubarak`s NDP `icing on the cake` of revolt

According to the court, the party was deemed to have ruined political life.

Egypt dissolves Mubarak`s former ruling party

It came only days after ousted Mubarak and his sons were put under detention.

Mubarak could face execution: Top judge

An estimated 800 people were reported killed in pro-democracy protest, that shook Egypt for more than a

Egypt`s Mubarak hospitalized with heart problems

Mubarak was forced to give up power on Feb 11 after an 18-day popular uprising against his rule.

Egypt widens crackdown on Mubarak`s former top aides

Egyptian authorities have detained Safwat
Al-Sherif, the former Secretary General of the country`s
largest National Democratic Party, in signs that the noose may
be tightening against ousted President Hosni Mubarak.

Mubarak faces questioning over protester crackdown

Egypt`s public prosecutor summoned Mubarak to probe into killing of protesters and alleged corruption.

Egyptians call for Mubarak to be put on trial

Protests have been held regularly since Mubarak was toppled on February 11.

Egypt probes Mubarak fortunes; another Million March on Friday

Mubarak is under house arrest now in
Red Sea resort, Sharm-al-Sheikh.