Jinnah`s sister asked to pay water bill 47 yrs after her death

Pakistani authorities here have sent a water bill amounting Rs 263,774 to Fatima Jinnah, the sister of the country`s founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah, 47 years after her death.

Persecution of religious minorities in Pakistan

At the time of partition, the vision of the creator of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, was of a nation that would adopt secularism to accommodate its historically multi-religious and culturally diverse population.

Radio Pakistan to air Jinnah`s speeches on Sep 11

Historic speeches of Muhammad Ali Jinnah handed over by India to Radio Pakistan will be aired on September 11, the 65th death anniversary of the country`s founding father.

AIR hands over Jinnah speech recordings to Pakistan

The All India Radio has handed over to Pakistan the recordings of two important speeches by the country`s founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

Attack on Jinnah house sign of Pak`s break-up: RSS ideologue

A leading RSS ideologue said that destruction of old-age residence of Jinnah by militants in Baluchistan signalled the disintegration of country.

Militants destroy Jinnah`s historic Pak residence

Militants on Saturday attacked a historic 121-year-old building in Pakistan`s southwestern Balochistan province that was used by the country`s founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah, causing extensive damage to the structure.

`Jinnah took oath of allegiance to King George`

Pakistan`s founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah had a British passport, noted Muttahida Qaumi Movement chief Altaf Hussain.

US shares Jinnah`s goal of vibrant, self-reliant Pak

US shares Jinnah`s goal of a vibrant and self-reliant Pak, Hillary Clinton said while conveying Washington`s Independence Day greetings.

America stands with you, Hillary tells Pakistan

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton noted that the US and Pakistan have a rich history of cooperation.

Gilani vows to boost Pakistan’s nuclear programme

Pakistani PM said that the country`s armed forces were fully capable of guarding national frontiers.