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Astronomers find hidden structures near Earth's surface

By observing galaxies billions of light-years away, a team of astronomers has detected tube-like structures mere hundreds of kilometres above the Earth's surface.

Pop songs, talkback radio helping astronomers track harmful space junk

Scientists have discovered a surprising new way to keep a check on space junk and prevent any catastrophic collisions with Earth - by using pop songs, talkback radio and highly advanced science.

Bangalore angle to find `cosmic dawn` 13 billion years ago

The RRI, in partnership with US Universities, Harvard and MIT, and the Universities of Australia and New Zealand successfully built and commissioned the MWA, a radio telescope.

Analytical tool to shed light on early universe

A new analytical tool will process waves of data coming in from the new low-frequency radio telescope, the Murchison Widefield Array, to shed more light on early universe.