Pakistani clerics seek military action to eliminate Taliban

Muslim scholars from different schools of thought have asked the Pakistani military to eliminate the Taliban, saying the civil-military leadership should take bold decisions on the issue.

Introduce English in Madrasas: Muslim scholars

Madrasas should modernise and introduce English and other advance subjects in their teachings to keep pace with the modern world, prominent Muslim scholars said in Jaipur.

Muslim scholars to look into abuse of blasphemy law in Pak

The purpose of committee is to address concerns about misuse of the law.

US lifts Bush-era ban on 2 Muslim scholars

The State Department has cleared the way for the return to the United States of two prominent Muslim scholars once accused of having ties to terrorism, a spokesman said on Wednesday.

Muslim scholars support India`s fight against terror

Religious scholars and political experts from several Muslim and Arab countries on Sunday endorsed India`s fight against terrorism as they participated in a seminar held at the Taj hotel.