Afforestation programme not yielding desired results?

Despite a continuous fall in forest cover in the country over the years, the Environment Ministry has failed to effectively implement its afforestation programme to meet the challenge, an official document has revealed.

Disbursement for green schemes fall after Jayanthi takes over

Notwithstanding warnings by a government body, Environment Ministry`s disbursement for forest generation programmes has drastically come down since Jayanthi Natarajan took over.

Kim K and Kanye West take nap together with baby North

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West "always take naps together" with baby North West.

Daytime nap is good for your heart

Grabbing an hour`s sleep during the day could have cardiovascular benefits, according to a new study.

Seven hours the magic number for sleep: Study

People who sleep more or fewer than 7 hours a day are upping their risk for cardiovascular disease.