NATO airstrike

18 Taliban militants killed in NATO airstrike in Afghanistan

At least 18 suspected Taliban militants were killed Saturday, in an airstrike by the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) jets in the southwestern Afghan province of Paktika, an Afghan police official said.

Jan 04, 2015, 00:14 AM IST

NATO airstrike kills six in east, says Afghan official

An Afghan official says an airstrike by US-led forces has killed four policemen and two civilians in eastern Afghanistan.

Apr 04, 2013, 16:14 PM IST

Karzai to ban Afghan troops from seeking foreign airstrike help

Afghan security forces will be banned from calling for NATO air strikes in residential areas to help in their operations, President Hamid Karzai has said.

Feb 17, 2013, 15:24 PM IST

Afghan civilians killed in NATO airstrike: Official

At least 10 Afghan civilians were killed overnight in a NATO airstrike originally targeting a militants` hideout in the country`s eastern province of Kunar, the provincial governor said on Wednesday.

Feb 13, 2013, 13:40 PM IST

NATO airstrike kills Haqqani leader

NATO forces say they have killed a leader of the Haqqani insurgent group in an airstrike in eastern Afghanistan.

Aug 06, 2012, 23:31 PM IST

US confident about Pak re-opening NATO supply route

The Pentagon has expressed confidence that US Pak ties can be improved, and hoped that Islamabad will re-open NATO supply route.

Dec 22, 2011, 13:12 PM IST

`Pak`s shock over its own double game is overcooked`

Islamabad has also decided to boycott next week`s Bonn conference that would discuss the future course of action in Afghanistan.

Dec 01, 2011, 13:57 PM IST

Separate US probe planned into NATO airstrike

A key question to be examined by the US is who approved the airstrikes on Saturday and why.

Nov 28, 2011, 11:33 AM IST

NATO airstrike kills 8 Afghan civilians: Police

Violence is at its worst in Afghanistan since US-backed forces toppled Taliban government in 2001.

Aug 06, 2011, 15:42 PM IST

NATO airstrike kills 4: Afghan Governor

Jamaluddin Badar said coalition forces also detained 12 police officers after the airstrike.

Aug 01, 2011, 15:23 PM IST

Afghan civilians killed in airstrike: NATO

International forces were targeting a Taliban commander in Helmand province.

Mar 26, 2011, 14:15 PM IST

NATO airstrike kills Taliban commander in north

The commander was responsible for a July attack on USAID station in Kunduz.

Jul 16, 2010, 14:07 PM IST

NATO airstrike kills 25 Taliban in Afghanistan

A NATO airstrike in northern Afghanistan killed 25 Taliban insurgents.

May 30, 2010, 09:51 AM IST

Five civilians, 27 Taliban killed in Afghanistan

A series of firefights and a NATO airstrike in Afghanistan Tuesday left five civilians, including two women and two children, and 27 Taliban fighters dead, officials said.

Apr 06, 2010, 21:28 PM IST

German military chief quits over Afghan strike

Germany`s top general and a senior defence ministry official quit on Thursday over an air strike in Afghanistan in which NATO says as many as 142 people died.

Nov 26, 2009, 18:44 PM IST

Thirty Afghan civilians killed in NATO strike: Investigation

Thirty Afghan civilians and 69 Taliban were killed in a NATO air strike on fuel trucks hijacked by militants in northern Kunduz early this month, a government-appointed investigator said on Sunday.

Sep 14, 2009, 13:15 PM IST

Afghan probe into NATO airstrike clears German Army: Report

The commission appointed by Afghan President Hamid Karzai to investigate last week`s NATO airstrike on two fuel tankers that claimed dozens of Taliban and civilian lives has exonerated the German Army, which ordered the strike.

Sep 11, 2009, 20:46 PM IST

Probe into NATO airstrike to take `several weeks`: Military

The NATO military command said Tuesday its probe into a deadly airstrike in the northern Afghan province of Kunduz would take "several weeks" and an initial assessment showed "civilians had been killed or injured in the strike".

Sep 08, 2009, 17:28 PM IST

Six civilians killed in NATO raid: Afghan official

Six civilians, including a child, were among 54 people killed in a NATO air strike in Afghanistan that targeted two fuel tankers hijacked by the Taliban, a local official said on Sunday.

Sep 06, 2009, 12:41 PM IST

Afghan civilians wounded at bomb site: US general

The top NATO commander confirmed on Saturday that civilians were wounded by a devastating airstrike targeting insurgents in northern Afghanistan.

Sep 06, 2009, 09:40 AM IST