`Remote sensing data benefits Indian farmers, fishermen`

Voluminous data from the Indian remote sensing satellites has benefited millions of farmers and fishermen in achieving higher productivity.

3/10 Muslims live below poverty line: NCAER survey

Three out of ten Muslims in
the country are below poverty line living on less than Rs 550
a month, says a survey.

In rural India, women earn half of what men do: NCAER

Indian women continue to have a
raw deal compared to men when it comes to their earnings or
having their names on family bank accounts or on property
records, says a survey.

NCAER lowers GDP growth projection to 6.9 per cent for 2009-10

Economic think tank NCAER today lowered the economic growth projection to 6.9 per cent for the current fiscal from earlier estimate of 7.2 per cent, mainly on account of lower farm output.