China backs Pak's NSG bid, but says must also acquire ''crucial'' NPT status

 As the ninth Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT) review conference concluded, China has gone on record to say that while it backed Pakistan`s bid to gain access to the Nuclear Supplier`s Group (NSG), its inking of the NPT was "crucial."

China backs Pakistan's "engagement" with Nuclear Suppliers Group

 China has said it backs Pakistan's "engagement" with the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) even as it maintained that acceptance of the NPT was a standard to admit new member-states in the 48-nation grouping.

Kerry, Zarif in crucial nuclear talks ahead of looming deal deadline

Tehran rejected a key Western demand for site inspections Saturday just as US Secretary of State John Kerry and his Iranian counterpart launched crunch talks to secure a nuclear deal ahead of a looming deadline.

India votes against UN draft resolutions on NPT

India has voted against the provisions of draft resolutions that would have required it to accede to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), saying there is "no question" of it joining the treaty as a non- nuclear weapon state.

`India to allow greater access to IAEA to monitor civilian atomic program`

India on Monday said its decision to ratify the additional protocol to Indian specific safeguard agreement was a "signal" that the country will abide by its international obligations.

Marshall Islands sues India, 8 others for possessing Nuclear-Arms

In a "David vs Goliath" battle, a tiny Pacific island nation today filed a lawsuit against nine nuclear-armed nations, including India, at the International Court of Justice for violating their legal obligation to disarm.

Iran not to accept nuclear obligations beyond NPT

Iran will not accept nuclear obligations beyond the directives of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), the foreign ministry said on Tuesday.

US wants N-suppliers to ignore NPT for India

The US has put before the NSG a proposal to allow India membership in the elite nuclear group without adherence to the NPT.

No contradiction in NPT commitment, backing India`s UNSC bid: US

President (Barack) Obama`s April 2009 speech in Prague envisioned a world without nuclear weapons.

UNSC seat for India not linked with NPT: US

US will support India`s bid despite its refusal to sign the CTBT and
the NPT.

North Korea justifies nuclear `treasured sword`

Reports claim North Korea could be preparing for a third nuclear test.

UN atom chief invited Israel to mull joining NPT

Amano invited Israel to place all atomic facilities under IAEA inspections.

Iran greatest threat to NPT in Middle East: Obama

President Barack Obama said the greatest threat to NPT in the Middle East is Iran`s
failure to live up to its international obligations over its
controversial nuclear programme.

Iran hails NPT call on Israel for atomic transparency

Iran`s representative to the UN
atomic watchdog hailed a UN nuclear non-proliferation
document calling on Israel to open its so far undeclared
atomic facilities to international inspection.

UN asks India, Pak, Israel to join NPT, CTBT

The UN has asked India, Pakistan and Israel to join NPT and CTBT without
further delay and pre-conditions.

NPT meet agrees steps on nuclear-free Mideast

A landmark conference to
curb the spread of nuclear weapons agreed on talks
toward the establishment of a nuclear weapon-free zone in the
Middle East.

UN conference calls on India to joint NPT

A UN nuclear conference has asked India, Pakistan and Israel to join NPT and CTBT.

Egypt calls on India, Pakistan and Israel to join NPT

Calling on India, Pakistan and Israel to join the NPT regime promptly and unconditionally, Egypt has asked the three countries to offer ideas for the way forward in the pursuit of peace and development.

World leaders root for NPT, India remains firm

The United Nations, backed by the US and other countries, Tuesday asked countries that have not signed the NPT to join the NPT regime. India made it clear there is no change in its position that the NPT was discriminatory.

India to stay out of NPT review conference that begins today

Over 150 nations, including Iran, will get together for an international review of the NPT, but India will not be part of the deliberations during which the US is expected to push non-signatories to sign the pact.