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Donald Trump to discuss terrorism watch list, no fly ban with NRA

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said today that he will be meeting with the National Rifle Association to discuss ways to block people on terrorism.

Japan clears restart of third nuclear power unit

Japan clears restart of third nuclear power unit

Japan's Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA) had approved the reactivation of the plant in July.

No relief for Nepal quake victims as $4.1bn fund in limbo

Hundreds of thousands of quake victims in Nepal are unable to start rebuilding their homes as winter approaches because a $4.1 billion reconstruction fund cannot be spent until lawmakers pass a long-delayed bill -- to the frustration of international donors.

NRAI sets tough road to Rio Olympics for shooters

NRAI sets tough road to Rio Olympics for shooters

Indian shooters aiming for glory at next year's Rio Olympics will be required to take part in seven selection trials, following which the average final scores and merit points will be taken into consideration to select the team for the multi-sport extravaganza.

Nigeria leagues to resume after boycott - organisers

Nigeria leagues to resume after boycott - organisers

The Nigeria Premier League will resume next week after the country`s referees called off a boycott of the competition in protest over a leadership crisis in the domestic game, organizers said on Friday.

US gun lobby opposes universal background checks

The NRA`s Wayne LaPierre said that background checks would lead to a national registry of gun owners.

America’s NRA calls Obama `elitist hypocrite`

America`s powerful pro-gun National Rifle Association (NRA) has described US President Barack Obama as an "elitist hypocrite".

Outrage in US over NRA launching gun app for children

The NRA`s free "Practice Range`` app, which was released on Sunday, lets players shoot coffin-shaped targets with a range of realistic guns including AK-47 and M16 assault rifles.

Biden seeks NRA inputs for US gun control reforms

Barack Obama has tasked Biden to come up with recommendations on preventing shootouts.

US pro-gun group NRA against new gun control law

Wayne LaPierre, CEO and executive vice president of the National Rifle Association, made his opinions known in an interview on `Meet the Press` programme of the National Broadcasting Corporation Sunday.

Armed guards at school will create more violent America: NY Mayor

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has lashed out at the US National Rifle Association`s suggestion saying such a move will create a "more dangerous and violent" America.

US gun lobby breaks silence over shootings

America`s powerful gun lobby finally broke its silence with a promise to make "meaningful contributions" to prevent recurrence of such incidents.

Japan’s ‘nuclear radiation projection’ had errors

The Nuclear Regulation Authority of Japan said a thorough review of its mistake-plagued projections for the spread of radiation turned up errors in the data.

New nuclear regulatory body to check fault under Oi plant

Japan`s new nuclear regulatory authority will conduct an on-site inspection in late October to confirm whether there is an active fault underneath the only nuclear power plant operating in the quake-prone country.