Watch: CCTV footage of ruthless American police beating car thief

A CCTV footage has come to light where some ruthless American police constables are beating a car thief on road. Check out this report.

Ex-tennis star James Blake says New York cop should be fired for abuse
Ex-tennis star James Blake says New York cop should be fired for abuse

Former professional tennis player James Blake said on Saturday that an undercover policeman who body-slammed him outside a Manhattan hotel in a case of mistaken identity did not deserve to wear an officer`s badge, and he told CNN he should be fired for abusing his powers.

Ex-player James Blake detained by police in `scary` incident
Ex-player James Blake detained by police in `scary` incident

Former tennis star James Blake was detained by New York police, handcuffed and thrown to the floor in a case of mistaken identity, it was reported Wednesday.

Hundreds of extra cops to hit New York streets

Hundreds of police officers were ordered off their desks and back onto the New York streets Wednesday in an effort to crack down on a fresh increase in murders and shootings.

Thousands attend funeral for slain New York City policeman

Thousands of policemen from around the United States gathered on Friday at the funeral of a 25-year-old New York City officer who was shot in the head while on patrol, making him the fifth member of the NYPD to die in the line of duty since December.

New York police officer shot in head while patrolling

 A New York City police officer was shot in the head as he tried to inquire about a suspect`s actions during his patrol on the street.

City will pay USD3.9M in 2012 NY police shooting of Bronx teen

New York City has agreed to pay USD 3.9 million to the family of a black Bronx teenager shot to death by a white police officer in 2012.

New Yorkers concerned by mayor's rift with police, poll shows

A majority of New York City residents are concerned by the unusually deep rift that has formed between Mayor Bill de Blasio and the city`s police department, according to a poll released on Thursday, with 77 percent saying the relationship is bad.

Islamic State issues more threats, US on alert
Islamic State issues more threats, US on alert

The New York City Police Department (NYPD) and other law enforcement personnel responded to a threat from the Sunni militant group Islamic State (IS) after someone re-released an old message that tells followers to "rise up and kill law enforcement officers".

NY police chief calls protest at funeral 'inappropriate'


Washington: New York's police commissioner Bill Bratton said today it was "very inappropriate" for officers outside the funeral of slain cop Rafael Ramos to turn their backs in protest as the mayor spoke.

Shock and anger in NY after two police murdered

New York was reeling Sunday after the murder of two uniformed cops by a man who said he was seeking revenge for the recent killings of unarmed black men by police.

New York police promise to rebuild trust as protests spread

The head of the New York Police Department vowed on Tuesday to repair relations with poor and minority communities following the death of a suspect, even as protests over police violence flared across the United States.

Protests after no charges in NYC police death of black man
Protests after no charges in NYC police death of black man

Demonstrations broke out in New York City after a grand jury declined Wednesday to charge a white police officer in the choking death of a black man, days after a similar decision sparked unrest in US cities.

US to launch civil rights probe into New York chokehold death

US Attorney General Eric Holder said on Wednesday the Justice Department was launching a federal civil rights investigation into the death of Eric Garner, an unarmed black man who died after New York police put him in a chokehold.

New York cop in serious condition after hatchet attack

A rookie New York police officer remained in hospital in a serious condition on Friday after being attacked by a man with a hatchet who was then shot dead by officers.

Tap social media to crush gang culture: NYPD to Scotland Yard

Scotland Yard must tap social media sites more effectively to dismantle and quash gang culture in London by tracking the electronic footprints left by the goons, according to New York police officers.

Spying on US Muslims by NYPD was legal: Judge

A federal judge has ruled that the New York Police Department`s surveillance of Muslims in New Jersey was a lawful effort to prevent terrorism, not a civil rights violation.

Security officials confident in Super Bowl plans

Security officials safeguarding Super Bowl 48, mindful of the deadly attacks in Russia ahead of the Sochi Winter Olympics, say they are nevertheless confident they are ready for Sunday`s big game.

Real-life `superheroes` fighting crime in New York

A secretive group of real-life `superheroes` is fighting crime, poverty and lending a helping hand to those in need on New York`s streets.

New York Police issues memo to clarify Indians are Asian too

A person`s race is noted in police reports when a crime suspects are described by a victim. It is also noted on UF-250s - the stop, question and frisk reports.