Now, `undercover` nail polish to keep you safe by detecting date rape drugs

A team of students from North Carolina has come up with a new nail polish that detects date rape drugs and keeps women safe from being a victim of sexual assault.

Nail polish that detects `date rape` drugs

Students from an American University have invented a unique nail polish that can detect "date rape" drugs in a drink.

Cool twist to classic French manicure

A French manicure can glam up your hands, but how about adding a touch of creativity to it?

Quick tips to strengthen brittle nails naturally

Do you yearn for long, healthy and strong nails? Regular maintenance of nails is very necessary to keep your nails in good shape. Constant use of nail paints can actually harm your nails. It is very necessary to cut them on regular basis and keep them clean.

Upcoming Nail Trends

A new year means new colours, trends and nail care in the world of nails

Glitter nail polish new weapon to protect data

Security experts have discovered a new secret weapon to ensure your laptop and other devices are not tampered with - glitter nail polish.

Nail party look right with funky nails

Draw attention to your look by jazzing up your nails for the party season.

Five ways to get perfect manicure

Manicure is not an easy task, especially when you choose to do it on your own. Try dry manicure, but with patience and be careful with cuticles.

Are colour coordinated tips, toes trendy?

If finding the right shade of nail paint was not enough, now the debate is on whether to wear the same shade on our tips and toes.

Nail polish industry booming in Britain

A study reveals that more than half of women in Britain are spending money on keeping their nails well polished.

Avril Lavigne designs nail polish line

Avril Lavigne, who already has a fragrance brand and clothing line, has created a range of edgy nail polish designs for a top beauty company.

Serena to launch range of nail polish

Serena Williams is all set to release her own collection of nail polish.

Justin Bieber nail polish line coming soon

Justin Bieber has designed a line of nail polishes.