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Ray of hope to improve HIV drug therapies

 A new research, through the use of nanotechnology, now aims to improve the administration and availability of drug therapies to HIV patients.

Scientists develop green technology for water purification

Scientists develop green technology for water purification

"This material, we report, is the first of its kind with potential to act as a biodegradable and green material for water-softening applications," he said.

Nanotechnology to advance cancer detection

The exact order in which these bases are found, even over short distances, is strongly tied to their functions, and therefore can be used as direct indicators of what is going on inside cells and tissue.

Coming soon: A machine to filter your toilet waste into water?

British scientists claim they are developing a unique device which can turn used toilet waste into drinking water.

Nanotechnology turns plants into common plastic

Dutch scientists have found a way of turning plant matter into the building blocks of common plastics using a nanotechnology process that offers an alternative to oil-based production.

The world`s smallest car, the size of a molecule!

The only real ways that it has any visual similarities to a car is that it has four wheels and a bare-bones internal framework.

World`s tiniest electric motor unveiled

The development may potentially pave the way for a new class of devices that could be used in applications ranging from medicine to engineering.

Soon, your heartbeat `could recharge your mobile phone`

The technology works by using zinc oxide nanowires, which create electricity when strained or flexed.

Now charge cell phones in seconds

The nanostructure would also charge high power lasers and defibrillators, required in surgeries.

Mobile battery life could last months thanks to nanotechnology

Have you ever dreamt of owning mobile devices that run for months rather than days without charging?

Chemotherapy with nanotechnology

A "mini-submarine" that can trick the immune system is found to make chemotherapy easier.

Nanotechnology could help deliver drugs into the gut

Nanotechnology can be used to deliver drugs to intestinal target, according to a new study.

Photovoltaic cells better than existing cells

Photovoltaic cells built with nanotechnology can generate far more electricity than existing cells.

Soon nanotechnology to make computers faster

Scientists are looking at the possibility of replacing silicon transistors in computers with carbon nanotubes.

India mulls harnessing Finnish nanotechnology for research

India is now looking ahead to collaborate with that country and harness its technology to carry out research and development work in different fields
including health care.

World’s tiniest force recorded

Using a bowl of trapped ions, scientists have measured the smallest forces ever recorded.

Nanotechnology to turn paper into futuristic batteries

Researchers find way to make lightweight paper batteries and supercapacitors cheaply by just dipping paper or fabric in a special ink of nanoparticles.

Scientists call for national centre to scale up nano tech

India needs to set up a National
Centre for incubating researches done in various labs on
Nano Science to enable technology for the benefit of the
society, scientists and technologists said.

Nanotechnology may help turn fabrics, paper into lightweight batteries

An engineer has found a way to manufacture lightweight paper batteries and supercapacitors.

India to have Nanotechnology Regulatory Board soon

The Nano Mission Council Thursday said
the country will soon have a Nanotechnology Regulatory Board
to regulate the industrial nanotech products that are used in
day-to-day life.