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British NHS-led consortium to invest Rs 10K-crore in 11 hospitals

The project has the potential of creating upwards of 1,00,000 jobs.

British authorities to deny people hearing aids

 Britain's National Health Service (NHS) will start denying people with hearing problems access to hearing aids for the first time from Thursday in a controversial move that critics claim will worsen sufferers’ social isolation.

UK rolls out world's first Meningitis B vaccination programme

Britain today became the first country to implement a vaccination programme for all newborn babies against meningitis B, which is fatal in one in 10 cases.

Diabetes crisis in Britain can bankrupt NHS

Experts have stated that diabetes crisis in Britain can cripple the National Health Service (NHS) as there is a huge increase in the number of sufferers.

Govt in touch with UK on new immigration rules

Government on Wednesday said it was in touch with British authorities to ascertain the impact of new immigration rules on Indian nurses in that country due to the newly introduced salary threshold of 35,000 pounds per annum.

Indian-origin surgeon in UK sacked over high death rates

 A top Indian-origin cancer surgeon has been sacked by the UK's government-funded National Health Service (NHS) as police investigate high patient death rates.

New breath test to diagnose esophageal and stomach cancer

Researchers have developed a new breath test that can diagnose esophageal and stomach cancers within minutes.

'Safe' non-invasive prenatal testing for Down's syndrome one step closer to reality

A new study has revealed that non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) for women with Down's syndrome is safe and effective.

UK's Cameron launches re-election campaign with health vow

British Prime Minister David Cameron kicked off his re-election campaign today for May's tight poll by echoing his main rival with a new promise to improve the state-run National Health Service (NHS).

Migrants, students to face health surcharge in UK from April

Indian migrants and students who plan to stay beyond six months in the UK will face an additional health surcharge of upto 200 pounds from early next month.

British health volunteers heading to S. Leone to tackle Ebola

A first group of volunteers from Britain`s state National Health Service were to depart Saturday for Sierra Leone to join the Ebola epidemic fightback, the UK government said.

Hundreds of Britons undergo tests after dentist's blunder

Over 450 people in Britain underwent blood tests to check if they developed infections due to poor hygiene practices of a dentist who has caused a health scare involving about 22,000 of his former patients.

UK medical staff end four-hour strike

Thousands of nurses, midwives and ambulance staff, who were on a four-hour strike over payment rise, ended their protest on Monday morning.

4 babies in UK born with drug addiction every day

Four babies are born addicted to drugs in the United Kingdom every day, media reports said on Saturday quoting National Health Service (NHS) figures.

UK to recruit Indian doctors through Skype interviews

The UK is mulling recruiting around 50 doctors from India to tackle a staffing crisis, days after a court ruled against Indian-origin doctors, who alleged bias in Britain`s medical examination system.

Britain`s health service turns to India for help

Britain`s cash-strapped National Health Service (NHS) is planning to strike up a series of healthcare deals in India, including inviting Indian doctors to treat patients in UK, in a bid to boost its coffers.

Foreign doctors in NHS hospitals must speak English: UK govt

From April, foreign doctors wanting to treat patients in UK hospitals run by the National Health Service will have to prove they have the "necessary level" of English language skills, the government said.

Michelle Heaton fears not waking up from operation table

Singer Michelle Heaton who has been diagnosed with rare gene that causes cancer says her worst fear is not waking up after the operation is over.

Norovirus outbreaks rise in UK

Hospital outbreaks of norovirus in the UK have increased by a third.

Alert for women who had breast implants

Thousands of women could be at risk after it emerged that the breast implants made with industrial silicone used in beds had a very high rupture rate, a media report said Wednesday.