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Mursi prepones Egypt’s parliamentary elections

Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi has preponed first post-constitution parliamentary elections from April with the dates clashing with Easter, even opposition`s Mohamed ElBaradei threatened boycott.

Egypt opposition calls for election boycott

An Egyptian opposition leader is calling for a boycott of upcoming parliamentary elections, a day after he said the vote will inflame the country`s political tensions.

Mohamed Morsi declares election dates, Opposition calls for boycott

Mohamed ElBaradei, Egypt’s National Salvation Front, has called for the boycott of the upcoming upcoming parliamentary, terming it as ‘an act of deception’.

Egypt opposition announces break from protests

Egypt opposition National Salvation Front announced it will not be calling for protests on Friday.

Egyptian opposition rejects talks with Morsi

Egypt`s National Salvation Front, a coalition of liberal-democratic parties and movements, has officially rejected talks proposed by Morsi.