Most cyber attacks on India show Chinese IP address: NTRO

Cyber attacks have grown nearly five times in the last three years and most of them have been found to be originating from the IP addresses located in China.

Personal computers `weak link` in cyber security: NTRO

Personal computers and other private users of data are "weak links" when it comes to implementing cyber security norms in the country

Anti-Naxal operation: First NTRO station activated in Maoist hotbed

The country`s specialised snoop department, NTRO has set up its first base in a naxal hotbed in Chhattisgarh to monitor the movement of armed Maoist cadres and fly UAVs to help security forces to track them.

NTRO female staffers filmed in office toilet

In a shocking disclosure, it has come to light that an official of the NTRO was booted out of the agency for secretly filming women colleagues in the office toilet.