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Afghan army pushes Taliban from south district: Officials

An American general and a senior Afghan police officer say the Afghan military has pushed the Taliban from a key district in a southern province. It was the first solo Afghan operation since international combat troops left at the end of last year.

Georgia says Russia bent on ''creeping annexation'' of breakaway regions

Russia is moving ahead with the "creeping annexation" of two breakaway Georgian regions as part of an aggressive strategy to broaden its influence in the region, Georgia`s foreign minister said on Thursday.

Russia could target Moldova: NATO commander

Russia could set its sights on Moldova to prevent it from "leaning to the West," following the conflict with Ukraine, the top NATO commander warned Wednesday.

Afghanistan making progress reducing detainee torture: UN

 The Afghan government is making progress in reducing the torture of conflict detainees, the UN said Wednesday, though more than a third still suffer mistreatment.

Turkey drives hard bargain over crucial missile deal

 Turkey has alarmed fellow NATO members by raising the prospect of handing China a multi-billion dollar missile contract, yet the long-running saga is far from over and Ankara may just be trading for a better deal.

Lithuania to reinstate conscription amid Russia fears

Lithuania announced on Tuesday it would return to limited conscription later this year as concern mounts over Russian military exercises near NATO Baltic states.

Two thirds of Russians see threat from other countries: Poll

More than two-thirds of Russians believe other countries pose a military threat to their nation`s security and more Russians now believe in the likelihood of war than at any time this century, a research group said on Friday.

European Union to send armored cars to monitor Ukraine ceasefire

A top EU official says the 28-member bloc will provide armored cars and satellite imagery to monitor a cease-fire in Ukraine but is undecided whether to commit troops to a proposed UN-mandated peacekeeping mission.

UK defence chief says Russia poses threat to Baltics

British Defence Secretary Michael Fallon says Russia poses a "real and present danger" to European security and that tensions between Moscow and NATO are "warming up."

Turkey says planned Chinese missile defence won't be NATO integrated

China made the best bid in a tender to develop Turkey`s planned long-range missile defence system, Turkish Defence Minister Ismet Yilmaz said, adding that Ankara would use the system without integrating it with NATO`s.

Russia's Putin ''real and present danger'' to Baltics: UK defence minister

 Russian President Vladimir Putin poses a "real and present danger" to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and NATO is getting ready to repel any possible aggression, British Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said on Thursday.

NATO urges Russia to `withdraw all forces` from eastern Ukraine

NATO on Wednesday urged Russia to withdraw all forces from eastern Ukraine and to stop its support for separatists as a ceasefire appeared to unravel.

Civilian casualties in Afghanistan rose 22% in 2014: UN

The number of civilians killed and wounded in Afghanistan jumped 22 percent in 2014, the UN said Wednesday, as NATO troops withdrew from combat leaving government forces to battle a raging Taliban insurgency.

US commander proposes slower Afghan withdrawal

The US commander in Afghanistan told lawmakers Thursday he had proposed "options" to the White House that would slow the pace of a planned withdrawal of American troops from the country.

Britain `reserves right` to arm Ukraine: Minister

Britain reserves the right to arm Ukraine and will not allow the Ukrainian army to collapse, Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond told parliament on Tuesday.

Britain to lead ''Spearhead NATO force''

Britain will play a lead role in a "high readiness" NATO force that will be established in Eastern Europe, Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said Thursday.

US taking 'fresh look' at weapons for Ukraine: Officials
US taking 'fresh look' at weapons for Ukraine: Officials

The United States is reconsidering whether to provide weapons to Ukraine in its fight against Russian-backed separatists, senior administration officials said on Monday, adding that no decision had been made.

US reconsidering arming Ukraine`s forces: Report

NATO`s military commander and Obama administration officials appear to be moving toward supporting sending defensive weapons to Kiev`s forces fighting pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine, The New York Times reported Sunday.

Russia looks to prevent US-NATO military superiority

Russia`s top general said Friday that the country will take steps to prevent the US and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) from being militarily superior.

NATO chief warns of challenges after `black year`

NATO head Jens Stoltenberg said the alliance must be ready to face further challenges after a "black year" of Russian intervention in Ukraine and terror attacks on Europe`s streets.