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Tsunami warning: 8.0 magnitude earthquake hits Pacific Ocean east of Papua New Guinea in Indonesia

Tsunami warning: 8.0 magnitude earthquake hits Pacific Ocean east of Papua New Guinea in Indonesia

Hazardous tsunami waves could hit coastal areas of Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, Indonesia, Nauru and other islands in the three hours following the quake, the PTWC said. 

Boatpeople policy tarnishes Australia rights record: UN

Australia`s "punitive approach" to boatpeople has tarnished its human rights record, the United Nations said on Friday as it voiced concern that xenophobia and hate speech was on the rise.

Abuse rife in Australian immigration centre: Leaked reports

More than 2,000 leaked reports detailing allegations of sexual assault, child abuse and self-harm in Australian immigration centres on Nauru were published Wednesday, prompting rights groups to renew calls for refugees to be resettled elsewhere.

Stranded Pacific lawmaker flees to New Zealand

A Nauru opposition figure dramatically escaped from the Pacific nation this week after being trapped there for a year.

Tiny Pacific island of Nauru goes to the polls

Voting to elect a new government on the tiny Pacific island of Nauru, international observers invited to monitor the polls.

`Homesick` refugees resettled in Cambodia return to Iran: Australia

Two more refugees resettled in Cambodia from an Australian detention camp have returned home, the government said Tuesday, sparking renewed criticism about the Aus$55 million (US$40 million) scheme.

Infant refugee becomes face of Australia's tough asylum seeker policies

Infant refugee becomes face of Australia's tough asylum seeker policies

The infant, known only by the pseudonym Asha, Nepalese for "hope", has humanised hundreds of anonymous asylum seekers.

Churches offer sanctuary as UN criticises Australian asylum policy

The High Court on Wednesday rejected a legal test case brought by an unidentified Bangladeshi woman that challenged Australia`s right to deport detained asylum seekers to Nauru, about 3,000 km (1,800 miles) northeast of Australia.

FIPIC summit: India to establish information technology labs in each Pacific Island country

India hosted the 2nd Forum for India-Pacific Islands Cooperation (FIPIC) Summit, being held in Jaipur which is aimed at stepping up cooperation with the island nations.

Security tightened in Jaipur ahead of FIPIC summit today

Security across Jaipur has been tightened ahead of the 2nd Forum for India-Pacific Islands Cooperation (FIPIC) Summit on Friday which will witness participation by heads of state and government officials from 14 resource-rich nations.

Australia reveals over 600 asylum seekers turned back at sea

Australia has turned around more than 600 asylum seekers trying to reach its shores on 20 separate boats since enacting controversial new border controls in December 2013, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said on Thursday.

Australia sights first asylum vessel in two years off west coast

Australia sights first asylum vessel in two years off west coast

A small vessel believed to be carrying asylum seekers was seen off Australia`s remote west coast on Monday, the Australian Broadcasting Corp. (ABC) reported, the first sighting of a boat carrying would-be refugees close to shore in two years.

Australian inquiry told of abuse in Nauru immigration camp

Asylum-seekers are living in mouldy tents with little privacy on the Pacific island of Nauru, with women and children at risk of sexual assault, according to submissions to an Australian inquiry.

Nauru accused of blocking Facebook to stifle dissent

 The tiny Pacific nation of Nauru was accused Tuesday of blocking access to Facebook to curb criticism of government policies, including its decision to host an Australian-backed camp for asylum-seekers.

Australia knew of child sex abuse at Nauru camp: Workers

 Staff at an immigration camp on Nauru claim the Australian government was aware of the alleged sexual abuse of women and children asylum seekers on the Pacific island outpost for more than a year, but failed to act.

Guards may have traded dope for sex at Australia`s Nauru camp: Inquiry

Guards at an Australian immigration processing centre on the Pacific island of Nauru may have traded marijuana for sex with asylum-seekers, an inquiry found Friday.

Refugee protest at Australian Open final

Refugee protest at Australian Open final

Play was held up during the men`s final at the Australian Open on Sunday when a banner was unfurled protesting against the treatment of refugees, with at least one person jumping on court.

`Volatile situation` in PNG asylum-seeker protest

Australian Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said on Friday he was worried about the "volatile situation" at a Papua New Guinea asylum-seeker camp after reports that detainees were swallowing razor blades and washing powder.

Australian-born baby denied refugee status

A baby born in Australia to asylum-seeker parents is not entitled to refugee status, a judge ruled Wednesday, in a case which advocates said will impact the fate of scores more children.

Judge tells Australian govt to prepare for case against harsh asylum policy

A senior judge questioned whether the Australian government has the authority to detain asylum seekers on the high seas and send them to another country after scores of Sri Lankans were kept at sea and then moved to a remote island.