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Two Koreas hold talks on Asian Games participation

Officials from the two Koreas met for rare talks Thursday to sort out the logistics of Pyongyang sending athletes and cheerleaders to the upcoming Asian Games in the South Korean port city of Incheon.

North Korea denounces South Korea-US joint naval drill

North Korea has denounced South Korea and US for their joint naval drill in the southern waters off the Korean Peninsula, an official said Saturday.

China confirms attendance at US-hosted naval exercises in June

China on Monday confirmed that it will participate for the first time in a major US-hosted naval drill this month, sending four ships including a destroyer and frigate, even as deep military distrust persists between the two countries.

Iran, Pakistan to hold joint naval drill

A Pakistani fleet of warships docked in southern Iran is to hold a joint drill with the Iranian navy in the strategic strait of Hormuz, a senior Iranian commander said Saturday.

China decommissions first nuclear submarine

China has decommissioned its first nuclear-powered submarine after more than 40 years of service amidst the maiden display of its fleet of atomic submarines.

North Korea, US, South Korea, Japan hold naval drill despite North Korea threat

The United States launched a joint naval drill today with South Korea and Japan despite dire warnings of a "horrible disaster" from North Korea, officials said.

N Korea accuses US of `serious` provocation over naval drill

North Korea took fresh aim at the United States on Wednesday over a three-nation naval drill, accusing it of "serious military provocation" and branding the exercise an "attack on our efforts for peace".

China, Russia end joint naval drills

Chinese and Russian naval forces concluded their "Joint Sea-2013" drills.

Chinese warships in Russia for naval drill

A fleet of Chinese warships arrived in Russia`s Far Eastern port Vladivostok Friday to take part in a week-long joint naval drill.

US, South Korea launch naval drill

South Korea and the US have begun an anti-submarine exercise in the Yellow Sea, the Yonhap news agency reported. The drill will continue till Friday.

US, S Korea begin naval drills amid North Korean nuke furore

Against the backdrop of North Korean threat of conducting third nuclear test, US and South Korea on Monday began naval drills off the Korean Peninsula`s east coast.

Pakistan, Turkey to hold joint naval drill

Pakistan and Turkey will hold a 10-day joint naval exercise.

US, China conduct first counter-piracy Naval drill

The US Navy says it has carried out its first joint counter-piracy naval exercises with China off the Horn of Africa.

S Korea, Australia to hold first joint naval drill

The two-day drill beginning next Monday will mobilise some 10 surface warships and submarines.

China says its naval drills no cause for alarm

Recent drills by the Chinese navy are routine, the country`s Defense Ministry said.

India, South Africa to hold joint naval drill

India and South Africa will hold joint naval exercises soon but the dates are yet to be finalised, a senior official said Thursday after a meeting between Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and President Jacob Zuma here.

Biggest US-Japan naval drill starts amid N Korea crisis

US, Japan started drills with 60 warships, 44,000 troops in East China Sea.

US aircraft carrier to join new South Korean naval drill

South Korea has launched a five-day anti-submarine naval drill in Yellow Sea.

S Korea begins Naval drills despite N Korean warning

South Korea began naval drills off its west coast Thursday despite Pyongyang`s warning.

US aircraft carrier leads drills with South Korea

The US and South Korea have launched a major naval exercise in Sea of Japan.