Polish minister dismisses 'silly' EU criticism, cites Nazis

Poland`s justice minister dismissed an EU commissioner`s criticism of new media regulations as "silly" in a confrontational letter that marked a low in the new government`s relations with the bloc and the commissioner`s home Germany.

Sweden sword attack at school was 'racist', say police

A sword-wielding man who killed two people at a Swedish school with many immigrant pupils was motivated by racism, police said today, as hostility towards refugees mounts across Europe.

'Ex-Grand Mufti of Jerusalem asked Hitler to exterminate Jews'

 Amid ranging Israel-Palestine tensions, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has triggered a controversy by accusing the former Grand Mufti of Jerusalem of giving Hitler the idea of exterminating Jews - a claim rejected by historians as "factually incorrect".

Poles furious after Russia blames them for starting WWII

The Russian ambassador to Poland has sparked outrage for putting some of the blame for World War II on Poland, creating a new spat amid deepening tensions between the Slavic nations.

Vladimir Putin extends Western food ban for one year

Vladimir Putin extends Western food ban for one year

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday extended a ban against most Western food imports for a year after EU foreign ministers agreed to prolong sanctions against Moscow over the Ukraine conflict until January 2016.

Poland detains two young Britons suspected of stealing Auschwitz items

Poland detains two young Britons suspected of stealing Auschwitz items

Polish police said on Tuesday they had detained two British teenage boys at the site of the former Auschwitz death camp on suspicion of stealing artefacts that belonged to prisoners held there during World War Two.

Philippine's Aquino revives comparison between China and Nazi Germany

 Philippine President Benigno Aquino made a veiled comparison on Wednesday between China`s activities in the South China Sea and Nazi Germany`s expansionism before World War Two, echoing similar remarks he made last year that outraged Beijing.

Philippine leader likens China to Nazi Germany

Philippine President Benigno Aquino drew a parallel Wednesday between present day China and Nazi Germany during a speech in Japan, hinting the world cannot continue to appease Beijing as it claims ever-more territory in the South China Sea.

Russia stages WW2 victory parade as Ukraine bristles

Russia stages WW2 victory parade as Ukraine bristles

Tanks and troops paraded across Moscow`s Red Square on Saturday to mark the 70th anniversary of victory over Nazi Germany, an event boycotted by Western leaders over Russia`s role in the Ukraine crisis.

Putin hosts huge WWII victory parade amid Western snub

Putin hosts huge WWII victory parade amid Western snub

Russia on Saturday staged a huge military parade to commemorate the 70th anniversary of victory over Nazi Germany in a conspicuous show of military might amid a standoff with the West over Ukraine.

Obama marks VE day by saying Allies `saved the world`

US President Barack Obama marked on Friday the 70th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany by calling the victorious Allied troops a generation that saved the world.

Putin meets China`s Xi as leaders head to Moscow for WWII parade

China`s Xi Jinping flew into Moscow on Friday as some two dozen world leaders headed to Russia for a grandiose World War II victory parade that has been snubbed by the West.

Ukraine breaks with Russia as it marks WWII anniversary amid fighting

 A new symbol, date and even name: Ukraine is distancing itself from Russia as it marks 70 years since victory over Nazi Germany in World War II while locked in a brutal conflict with pro-Moscow rebels.

Mauthausen: The `camp of no return` that built the Third Reich

In 1942, a farmer living next to the Mauthausen concentration camp, in northern Austria, filed a police report about detainees getting shot in the camp`s quarry and left to die.

Poland denies entry to pro-Putin bikers planning victory ride

Poland on Friday said it had denied entry to a Russian biker gang backed by the Kremlin, which is planning to ride through Europe to celebrate the Soviet Union's role in the World War II victory over Nazi Germany.

Russian fights extradition from US in World War II looted art case

A Russian art dealer accused by Polish authorities of illegally possessing an 18th-century painting stolen during World War II by Nazi Germany is challenging his extradition from the United States.

Japan remembers subway gas attack, 20 years on

Japan marked the 20th anniversary Friday of coordinated attacks on the heaving Tokyo subway system when a doomsday cult released a Nazi-developed nerve gas on packed trains, killing 13 people and injuring 6,000.

Madonna says France now feels like Nazi Germany

Madonna says France now feels like Nazi Germany

 Madonna has once again managed to gain limelight after she compared France to Nazi Germany.

Madonna says `intolerance` in Europe `feels like Nazi Germany`

Rebounding from her stage tumble at the Brit awards, pop star Madonna told French radio Thursday that "intolerance" was now so high in France and Europe that "it feels like Nazi Germany."

Poland to restore PhDs voided by Nazi Germany

A Polish university said on Monday it will restore doctorate degrees to 262 people, most of them Jewish, decades after Nazi Germany annulled them in the run-up to World War II.