D-Day memories still fresh 70 years later for U.S. Veterans

Seventy years after D-Day, Carl Proffitt Jr. can still remember the bodies of soldiers washing up on France`s Omaha Beach in the Allied invasion that helped turn the tide against Nazi Germany in World War Two.

Oldest-known Holocaust survivor dies at 110

Alice Herz-Sommer, who was believed to be the oldest-known survivor of the Holocaust, died in London on today at the age of 110, a family member said.

Nazis might have been first to land on moon had they won WW2

The German road to space would have been much clearer, had the Nazis won World War 2.

US district mulls action for Nazi assignment

School district officials in Albany say they`re considering disciplinary action for a high school English teacher whose writing assignment asked students to make a persuasive argument blaming Jews for the problems of Nazi Germany.

I regret `Polish death camp` gaffe: Obama

Obama made the verbal slip-up while posthumously awarding the Medal of Freedom to Jan Karski, a resistance fighter who struggled to tell the outside world about the murder of Jews in his country.

Nazi Germany`s famous rocket scientist dead

Nazi Germany`s famous rocket
scientist Walter Haeussermann, who was member of a team which helped America send its astronauts to the moon, has died in Alabama in the US.

UK was US’ `junior partner` in fighting Nazi Germany: Cameron

America did not actually join the Second World War until a year later.

Passions simmer over Moscow plans for Stalin V-Day

Russian liberals and communists clashed on Thursday over plans to set up information booths in central Moscow depicting Soviet ruler Josef Stalin`s role in defeating Nazi Germany in 1945.