IS militants worse than Nazis: Australian PM

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott was slammed by Jewish groups today after saying that Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria were worse than Nazis as they "boast about their evil".

Poland warns rumoured Nazi `gold train` may be booby-trapped

Poland`s government on Thursday warned treasure-hunters that the Nazi "gold train" allegedly discovered in the country`s west is probably booby-trapped.

Audrey Hepubrn hated herself for surviving at the hands of Nazis
Audrey Hepubrn hated herself for surviving at the hands of Nazis

Audrey Hepburn felt guilty to have survived from Nazis, as she was haunted by the story of Anne Frank.

German woman, 102, gets doctorate 77 yrs after Nazis blocked her

A 102 year-old woman received her doctorate from a German university Tuesday -- nearly 80 years after the Nazis prevented her sitting the final exam to officially obtain it. 

Flemish nationalist leader disowns WWII Nazi collaboration

 Right-wing Flanders leader Bart De Wever has disowned Flemish nationalist collaboration with the Nazis in World War II, still a hugely sensitive issue in a sharply divided Belgium.

Family, politics shape Putin`s view of WWII anniversary

Russian President Vladimir Putin grew up with tales of how his father battled the Nazis as a Red Army soldier and his mother lived through the punishing siege of Leningrad. 

Merkel says Germans can never forget death camp horrors

Germans will never forget the "unfathomable horrors" that the Nazis inflicted at the death camps, Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Sunday at a ceremony marking the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Dachau concentration camp near Munich.

`Fascists` or heroes? How WWII history divides Ukraine

 He fought alongside the Nazis, then against them. He tried to drive the Soviets out of his native Ukraine, and spent 11 years in a prison camp in Russia.

Italy marks 70th anniversary of anti-Nazi uprising

Italy on Saturday celebrated the 70th anniversary of a partisan uprising against the Nazis and their Fascist allies at the end of World War II.

Anne Frank remembered in her own words 70 years after her death

Young diarist Anne Frank was remembered through her own words rather than a minute`s silence on Tuesday, in a new UK campaign to commemorate 70 years since her death in World War Two.

Painting in Dutch royal collection was Nazi loot: Official report

 The Dutch Royal Family owns a painting by a Dutch master that was looted by the Nazis during Germany`s occupation of the Netherlands in World War Two, according to a report published on Tuesday.

Austria to keep Nazi-looted Klimt masterpiece

A leading panel of experts on Friday recommended that Austria not return one of the country`s most treasured artworks to the descendants of its Jewish former owners robbed by the Nazis.

70 years after Holocaust Jews still face anti-Semitism: Spielberg

Hollywood director Steven Spielberg said on Monday he hoped that the Holocaust commemorations taking place in Poland on Tuesday will be a warning for future generations, in light of a rising tide of anti-Semitism and intolerance against Jews.

In Israel, Japan PM talks business with tough line on peace

Japan`s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe held talks with top Israeli officials in Jerusalem on Monday in a bid to deepen economic cooperation while also bringing a tough message on peace.

Swiss museum expected to accept art trove amassed under Nazis

Over two years after the discovery of missing masterpieces looted by the Nazis from their Jewish owners, German officials and a Swiss museum are expected to confirm on Monday that the paintings will go to Switzerland.

Historic gate at Dachau concentration camp stolen

 Berlin:  A wrought-iron gate bearing the Nazis' cynical slogan "Arbeit macht frei," or "Work sets you free," has been stolen from the former Dachau concentration camp, police said today.

Germany to open central memorial to Nazis` disabled victims

Germany will inaugurate the first national memorial to the estimated 300,000 ill and disabled people systematically murdered by the Nazis on Tuesday, at a ceremony with victims` relatives.

Russian leadership backs restoration of Stalingrad name

Russia`s deputy prime minister called on Saturday for the name Stalingrad to be restored to the city that was the site of a key World War II battle against the Nazis.

Australian gallery to return portrait lost under Nazis

An Australian gallery will return a portrait once thought the work of Vincent Van Gogh to its rightful owners in what is believed to be the country`s first restitution of art lost under the Nazis.

North Korea crimes on par with Nazis, Khmer Rouge: UN probe

The crimes of North Korea`s regime are as chilling as those of the Nazis, South Africa`s apartheid regime or Cambodia`s Khmer Rouge and must be stopped, the head of a UN inquiry said Monday.