Israel PM orders harsher penalties for stone-pelters

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Monday met law enforcement officials and legal experts over the escalating violence in Arab east Jerusalem, ordering the judiciary to expedite legislation which dramatically stiffens penalties against stone-pelting Palestinians.

UN call neglects Israel``s security needs: Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Monday criticised the UN Security Council`s call for ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, saying it strengthens Hamas and neglects Israel`s security needs.

Tunnel operation could be over `fairly quickly`: Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday that an operation to destroy a network of tunnels used by militants in Gaza could be over "fairly quickly" but would not be pinned down on specifics.

Netanyahu asks Ashton to confront Iran on missile shipment

Israel`s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday asked EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton to?question Iranian leaders about the recently seized arms shipment from Iran to militants in Gaza during her visit to Tehran.

Netanyahu hits out at `unacceptable` US wiretapping

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday hit out at the United States for what he described as "unacceptable" wiretapping of his predecessor Ehud Olmert, as reported in the media.

Netanyahu calls on Abbas to address Israeli parliament

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday invited Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas to address the Israeli parliament and publicly recognise Jewish links to the land of Israel.

Israel to convince world to avoid `bad` Iran deal: Netanyahu

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday that Israel would do all it could to keep world powers from striking a "bad and dangerous" deal with Iran over its nuclear programme.

Israel`s Netanyahu calls for tighter Iran sanctions

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday called for sanctions on Iran to be strengthened to curb its atomic programme, which the Israeli leader said could lead to nuclear military abilities.

Netanyahu vows fierce retaliation if Syria attacks

Israel will strike back "fiercely" if Syria attacks the Jewish state, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, as the US mulled military action against President Bashar al-Assad`s regime.

Israel`s Netanyahu undergoes successful hernia surgery

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has successfully undergone an operation to treat a hernia, his office said on Sunday.

Present credible military option against Iran: Israel

Israel`s hawkish Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday asked the international community to further intensify sanctions against Iran and "present a credible military option" to deter it from going nuclear.

US deeply committed to create sovereign Palestine state: Obama

Warning Israel that it was at a "crossroads", US President Barack Obama voiced his opposition to Tel Aviv`s controversial settlement activities.

Israel ready to strike harder: Netanyahu warns Gaza militants

Israel`s hawkish PM Benjamin Netanyahu warned that his administration was ready "to step up its response".

Iran vows to `avenge’ foreign attack on its soil

Iran has threatened to "revenge " any attack on its soil after Israel`s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urged the United Nations to draw a "red line" to prevent the Islamic republic from acquiring a nuclear bomb.

Obama, Netanyahu to confront divisions over Iran

"If you don`t want me to attack now, I want guarantees," an Israeli official quoted Netanyahu telling top Obama aides.

Desecration of holy sites intolerable: Netanyahu

Netanyahu was speaking during a weekly cabinet meeting on Sunday.

Palestinian leader rejects intl peace blueprint

Netanyahu opposes negotiations based on 1967 lines, saying a return to those frontiers would expose Israel`s heartland to rocket fire from the West Bank.

Israel will not apologise to Turkey: Netanyahu

Turkey expelled Israel`s ambassador and said that its effort to bring Israel before the International Court
of Justice was moving ahead.

Netanyahu ready to shift economic stance: Report

Israel`s PM Benjamin Netanyahu, facing intense pressure from protesters angry about the cost of living, has said he is ready to shift his economic ideology.

Massive protests hit Netanyahu govt in Israel

The protests nationwide drew Israelis of all walks of life, including students, public sector workers and social